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Day 73

Another day closer to our 100th day of school. Wow!

Tutoring sessions I have had today:
  • Dictation with Caleb, using Phonics Pathways
  • Dictation with Brent, using Phonics Pathways
  • Saxon Phonics with Ethan
  • Creative Math time with Ethan.
  • Help when needed.
Our Creative Math time is going okay. We have been working with multiplication. Memorizing them forward and back. Joshua, says it's easy for him but I still think it's good for him to learn them backwards (12 is 6x2) and also learn how to skip count backwards.
I'm struggling with or Creative Math because I know Josh, can handle more, so I'm going to see what I can learn tonight. Eeeks!
You know, when I go into panic mode about a subject, I freak out and it puts a little stress on our pocket book. I'm not kidding, I'm embarrassed to say that I spent $100.00 on math stuff this past month.  It will be used but still.

With regards to our Creative Math, I had the children take 12 gems and put them in piles (each pile had 4 gems). We all wrote out an addition problem 4+4+4+4=12, a multiplication problem 3x4=12 and a division problem 12 divided by 3 is 4. I also walked them through each step. For instance with the division problem I would say, "Annette, had 12 cookies and she wanted to share them with Caleb and Brent. How may would each get?" then we would work the problem out with the gems and write it as well.

I still need to sit with Josh for spelling and Ethan, needs to finish is Saxon Phonics lesson.

Pictures of Day 73.
From Lance School his puzzle for the day (it's really to keep him busy for a while, shhhh)
 Ethan's Creative Math day was writing the number three. I'm the one who drew this though. You know me, I take pics of everything. I think my drawing is improving!
 A page from Brent's Creative Math book.
 Annette's books. I think she needs to take better care of her school-books!
Have a blessed day!

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