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Day 74

 This is what Joshua, Annette, Caleb and Brent worked on today. Joshua said, it was math art. Tomorrow we'll work with 3's and 4's. Today, it took a bit longer than I thought. Making these is not as easy at it looks. Below is Annette's and as you can see her numbers are not positioned right (but that's okay). I had them practice a few times before drawing in their main lesson book.
They also continued working with their multiplication and division. Caleb, is really good. He has almost all of his facts mastered. He memorizes them really quick. Has since he started math. He had his addition and subtraction facts mastered by 2nd grade without me drilling him. No flashcards or anything.
Once we are done with our geometry math (not sure what to call the skip counting drawing we are making) we will finally move onto long multiplication, long division, averaging and factoring.

I'm still not sure where I'm going with this. Do I start back with our regular scheduled program (meaning math books again) or continue with our Creative Math????
I really like Bob Jones math for Caleb but he is my more mathy child and I think will benefit from our Creative Math, I don't care for Horizons Math for Annette, Josh, we are just trying to figure out what to do with (eventually I'd like him to start Saxon Math), Brent's Saxon math is okay, Ethan and Lance, have some fun McRuffy Math combined with Saxon. Hmmmm.......I'm thinking, I'm thinking....................
I would like them to continue with their programs and Creative Math but that's too hard for me. Too much to keep up with.

Ethan, took a spelling test today. I am tweaking his spelling test, just a little. I say the word, use it in a sentence and we finger spell it first, then he writes it. For instance, if the word is dime, I'll hold a finger up for the letter 'd' another finger for 'i' two fingers together for 'me'. This jogs his memory to remember the silent 'e'. If the word is 'milk' I'll again, hold up on finger for each letter, if he doesn't see two fingers for the /k/ sound he knows it's going to be a 'k' if he sees two fingers for the /k/ sound then he knows to use 'ck'.
Saxon Phonics has their own way of 'finger spelling' but I prefer how I learned it with using Spell-to-Write and Read. I know I'm 'giving' away the answer but I do believe their brain is picking things up. I also don't want him to feel that it's too hard for him. You, know, the confidence thing.

For history today, the kiddos had some real fun with Grandpa. Josh and Annette, made a little family tree and later we'll transfer some of the info to our timeline. The timeline is the same one that Josh and Annette have had since, we started school (from Sonlight). Too bad I never thought to add things that they have accomplished in their timeline books. That would have been neat. We did add their baby pictures.

We had our water turned off for a few hours today because there was a leak under our house, coming from the bathroom. The washer was leaking.
Our house is a bit crooked. We had the foundation guy come out to fix it before we moved in but it's still not leveled. When you walk down the hallway, you can feel the crookedness. Let's just say, if you put a marble on the floor it will roll. I think in our kitchen it's a bit unleveled too. When I fry an egg for my Sweets, it slides to one side, I turn the pan to add another one and it slides to the other side. Pretty interesting.

That wraps up day 74!

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