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Fun Evening

My Sweets, emailed me a coupon to print. The coupon was for a free cinnamon roll at What-a-burger. One coupon per person. Sounded yummy! Although I do get embarrassed entering a restaurant with six children and two adults for only something free. I decided I'd get a coffee too.
We arrive at the restaurant only to find it's good for the 21st. We were a day early. I was embarrassed to have us all walk out. Oh well.

On the way home we stopped at Target and the children did a little bit of CHRISTmas shopping. Joshua, purchased a football for Annette. What a sweet brother. Annette, has been practicing catching and kicking.

I purchased some baking pans. Didn't realize they were Wilton pans until I got home, otherwise I would have went for something cheaper but I like Wiltons pans. I haven't purchased a new cookie sheet in years, so I thought two cookie sheets for $9.99 was a great deal. While we were there I figured I might as well get some groceries. I wanted to make the children Pigs in a Blanket, so I purchased some hot dogs and crescents. We were getting low with our baking goods so we got flour, wheat flour, sugar, and since I have some gravy left over from Chicken Express I added some biscuits to our list. I couldn't find a Gingerbread House though. That is what I mainly wanted to get. We left spending $150.00. Thank goodness we don't stop at Target often.

Lupe, so sweet. Since we couldn't find a Gingerbread house at Target, he took us to Albertson's. Annette, and I got down and searched the store for a Gingerbread house. As we searched we found the manger's special for the ground beef, we grabbed some Peanut Butter, celery, a Bell Pepper (Annette, loves Bell Peppers), ingredients for Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Jesus birthday cake) and lastly some candles for our Advent Wreath. We had fun, checking out through the self serve. It was past 11:00p.m.

Our last stop, Walgreens. My hubby ran in to get our prescriptions. Eeeks! $349.00 for all our medication. It was not easy paying for that. Most of it was for allergies.

We finally made it home at 11:49p.m. It felt funny being out so late.

Here is our Advent Wreath. It sits on our table as our centerpiece. I know the candle colors are not correct but I was using what we had on hand. There is an invisible candle too. We only had two blue and one pink, plus a little tealight. I used garland that we already had and put an angel in the middle since we really didn't have a white candle. I know I'm bad. It's what happens when one doesn't drive.
 Today, when my hubby took us to Albertson's, Annette, found some candles.
 This was the best we could find with the Gingerbread House. I should have bought it when my dad took me out last Monday, but it's so hard to spend the money (unless it's books). Anyway, I purchased two of these smaller Gingerbread homes for $3.99 each. Not too bad.
Now, I  need to go to bed. Everyone else is asleep but I had to write about our fun evening.

Earlier today, we made Snickerdoodles. They came out okay. Something didn't taste right.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life and the children cleaned the house after supper and told me to go lay down and rest a while.
Brent, cleaned the kitchen, Annette, the hallway, Josh, the living room, Lance, surprised me and cleaned the hall closet. I don't know what Caleb cleaned and Ethan, I don't think he helped.
Okay, really going to bed now.


  1. Enjoy those new baking pans :) I love to bake.

    ...and thank you for the prayers for my daughter.

  2. I love to decorate and build gingerbread houses! I haven't done so in years though...but after reading your post, maybe I'll start the tradition this year!

    I miss your baking - you should FedEx some cookies this way! ;)


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