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Lance School

My hubby, wanted Lance, to do school today. He actually wanted to do some cutting from the I Can series. Normally, I have to make him, hee, hee. Not today, look how well, he cut out that hat he is wearing. He's also working on a spiral cut. Way to go Lance.
 With McRuffy Phonics; not too happy.

His McRuffy Phonics lesson was an assessment. He passed but only because,  he guessed. I would say a word like 'cap' and he was to circle the ending sound. At first I thought he was really getting them but then he said, "I know this, it goes this way, this way and this way." as he was pointing to his paper. It so happened that for number 1. the answer was on the left, #2. was on the right, #3. on the left again and so forth. He found a pattern.

Today, we were watching The Call of the Wild. The Indian's father passed away and one of his friends said, "I'm sorry."
Lance, asked, "Why do people say sorry, if they didn't do anything?"


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