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Phonics Pathways and Phonics Road

As I'm typing Annette, is reading a book to Lance. I can hear Lance, asking questions every-so-often. The older boys are outside making shelters.

We got a Phonics Road lesson in! Wahoo!!! We did the Grammar portion anyway. Caleb and Brent, finished their noun pages. I need to look at the dvd for Week 7 today, so we can finish tomorrow.
Here is what I'm doing for Caleb and Brent's Language Arts. As much as I love Phonics Road and would love to say only good things about it, I'm going to be honest here.
Both Caleb and Brent, are just not getting it with all the phonograms. They know all 70 phonograms but are not applying when they spell. During a spelling lesson I start losing them some {you know, the glazed eyes and yawns}. They haven't picked up reading as I would have liked them too. So, for now, I have dropped the spelling portion from Phonics Road {I wrote it, we dropped the spelling portion, there I wrote it again}. I picked-up Phonics Pathways for spelling and reading.

Here is how our day looks when using both Phonics Pathways and Phonics Road.
  1. Review Rules and introduce the new rule.
Currently the rules we are reviewing are (k before e, i and y), (c before a, o, u and any consonant), (when to use 'k' and 'ck' at the end of a word) and (when to double a consonant, when adding suffix -y). At this time we are not going over all 70 phonograms daily because it takes too long.
  1. Once the rules are reviewed, I have them read the list of words. I don't have them read the phrases or sentences.
For example; today, we went over the sh and th sound on pages 63 and 64 of Phonics Pathways. I didn't have them do all the blending and such, because they are beyond that. Instead I wrote word on the chalkboard, path, beth, shop, mash etc. and had them read the words. I also put words from previous lessons; Ken, penny, misty, muddy, Gus, Kiss, back, pack, milk etc. When we came to words like Ken, I would ask, "Why is Ken, spelled with a 'k' and not a 'c'?" or "Why does 'milk' end with a 'k' and not 'ck'?" I would ask these questions with regards to the suffix -y too.
  1. Now, that we reviewed the previous rules and introduced the new rule, now I will dictate phrases and sentences.
This is why I did not have them read the phrases and sentences. I want to use them for dictation.
  1. When done with dictation, they read their sentences.
We are done with the spelling and phonics portion of our lesson. It looks like a lot when written down but each step takes 5-10 minutes and we are usually done in 20-30 minutes.

Once done with Phonics Pathways, we move to Phonics Road for Grammar. I think this took another 30 minutes but it was fun. I really do enjoy using these two programs. We haven't picked up the Little House study yet. Maybe after the new year. We'll see.

One thing I have noticed about Brent, is he dawdles. I try to keep him and Caleb together to save time but Caleb, will stick to his sentence and finish it and he has to wait for Brent, to finish his sentence. I was having them do Phonics Pathways separate but this week I combined them again. I need to have a talk with Brent, about this. I know he can finish in a more timely manner because, Caleb, had to keep waiting, I told Brent, to leave and I'd finish with him later. He went to the living room, he could still listen so he wrote the next sentence down and before Caleb, could finish writing his, he came to me and said, "I did it." so, he can, that stinker.

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