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Saxon Phonics 1

Today, was our first day back with Saxon Phonics 1 completed lesson 47.

Here are some happy photos of Ethan. See how much fun we have using Saxon Phonics?!
 We were reviewing his sight words and he was remembering them!!! Every time he got it right he would laugh.
I love how his nose crinkles up. It's so cute!
 Another word right.
 The reason why it was so funny and exciting was because it has been over a week since he has seen his sight words.

His sight words: was, where, come, of, were, oh, who, one, do, to, put, into, are, two, what and said. The one word he missed was 'you'.

I tweaked the lesson a bit because they are getting longer. Here are a few minor changes;
  • I only dictated the letters that had more than one sound. Example: for the long sound of /O/ he had to write o-e, o. He knows all the single letter sounds like; l, m, n, etc. I will do all the sounds only once a week now.
  • Boardwork. Instead of writing the sentences that are provided in the teacher manual, I worked off his student sheet. These sheets have two sides. If we work on one side together, he still has the other side to complete on his own.
By making those to minor adjustments for this lesson, it wasn't so long and Ethan, didn't get antsy or bored.
I don't want to tweak the program too much. I'm trying to keep it as written as much as possible.


  1. :) :') :D :-D :OD :o) So many cute faces!!

    Tell Ethan "Good Job" for getting most all the words right and that I am glad he was having fun while doing "school".

  2. Oh my goodness, he is so adorable! I love the pics! Way to go Ethan!!! And good job, mama!! You are a great teacher!


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