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Saxon Phonics 1

Saxon Phonics Lesson 50

Today Ethan, completed his assessment that he started yesterday.

 He did okay. Below when writing words with the sneaky silent 'e', he missed the word 'use'.
 He missed four spelling words. It wasn't easy. One of the words he misspelled was 'deep' he spelled it d-e-p-e and one of the sight words was 'put' as you can see (at least in my opinion) those are difficult words.
 Here, Ethan, had to tell me what sound the vowels were making and tell me the letter names. For instance with i-e he would say, "I consonant e"
 After his assessment we played a game. As you can see, Ethan, likes the games. I was going to crop this picture because the milk jug was showing but I liked that it shows one of Ethan's favorite mugs to use. The pink mug is mine. It was a CHRISTmas gift from Annette, a few years back. She purchased it with her AWANA money.
 One of his cards read "sit still". Here is Ethan, sitting still. Not sure about the whole palms up thing. Must be from The Lion King.
 Ethan had to drum, wink, jump and sit.
  Ethan, has been using Saxon Phonics since July, 2010. Today, he completed lesson 50. We should probably be further along but I'm really enjoying the pace. I'm not rushing him through trying to play catch-up or anything. I'm okay with Ethan, being in 2nd grade and using Saxon Phonics 1st. It's a pretty meaty phonics program and I'm glad he is a bit older with using the first level (I like to think of them as levels instead of grades)
So, that's where we are with Saxon Phonics.

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