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Up Late

Since, the children have no school (well almost) tomorrow, I let them stay up and watch Myth Busters. It was a CRHISTmas episode.

I baked some Chocolate Chip cookies tonight. Yum! Although my first batch came out flat. We called them "Flat Cookies". I don't know why they do this sometimes. The second batch came out semi flat and the third one was normal. I don't know if it's the oven our what! The outer part of the cookie dough seems to melt pretty fast.

Church service was great! I really like our church. Lots of talent too. It's great to see the youth involved in the service. After we went to Arby's. We had coupons. Fed all of us for $25.00. Lupe and I had their new subs. Yum.

After our Sunday nap, Lupe took Caleb & Josh, to help him at my dad's house. Still getting it rent ready.

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