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Week 12/Day 66

Week 12/Day 66.

It's been a different sort of week. I'm having fun with my 'Creative' math but at the same time I feel like I'm wasting time and getting behind. We put our regular math books on hold for the month of December. I thought, especially with Josh, we could just do some fun stuff. I've been reading some Waldorf stories and acting them out with our 'gnomes'

I don't have real gnomes, and am not sure if I really want to invest in a set, so we are using teddy bear counters.
The children have really liked this creative math time. It's been fun bringing out the crayons, gems and stories.
Today, I read a story about a lady who became a pickle farmer. Ten pickles fit in on jar, 100 pickles fit in a barrel. It was a story about place value.
Ethan and Lance had fun with Arithmetic Village.
I went a little over-board with pictures, but we were having so much fun.
The first book of Arithmetic Village teaches place value. 1 jewel=1, a sack of 10 jewels=10, and the treasure chest which holds 10 sacks=100
 After reading the story, I would set some 'jewels' on the Smart Pal and they wrote the number.

 Ethan, worked with higher numbers.
 The jewels.
 2 chest=200. 4 sacks=40. 5 jewels=5. For a total of 245. There is a really light jewel, so it looks like four but there is 5.

 You can download these worksheets from http://www.aritmeticvillage.com/
 With Caleb and Brent, I dictated sentences from Phonics Pathways.I have also been using this time for penmanship and spelling practice as well.
I hope to get back on track with Phonics Road next week.

Joshua and Annette, both like Learning Language Arts Through Literature. I had Joshua, stop his Saxon Grammar this week and only use LLATL.
He completed most of lesson 6.
This week Joshua copied a passage from The Story of a Bad Boy by Thomas Aldrich. Grammar he, studied the prefix 'in', contractions, apostrophe, singular possessive noun. He also made a spelling list {which I need to start following up with}, He had to write a paragraph about his favorite holiday {he chose CHRISTmas}. First he to make a 'circle word picture', write a rough draft and Monday he'll rewrite it in the pages provided.
Next week he will finish lesson 6 and I may have him start Saxon Grammar again.
I know Joshua, should be writing more, but I'm not sure how to go about it. He currently is using Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Writing with Ease level 3. I have a few writing programs that I need to look into such as Igniting Your Writing, Hands on Essay and Writing an Essay.
Annette, has been working hard to improve her penmanship. She is doing a lot better. Still room for improvement but she's getting there. She, like Joshua and a full load.
Lance, was left out this week, poor guy! I was kind of out-of-it this week.
I'm going to try to get lots done in the next few weeks before CHRISTmas vacation.

The four older children have been reviewing their multiplication via Timez Attack but I plan to write a post about that later tonight or tomorrow.
Blessings and have a good weekend!


  1. I have IYW books one and two, let me know if you want to get a good look at them before investing.
    They are more about Creative Writing, but book 1 teaches in a really fun way that Adam really enjoyed;)

    The Santa Train sounds so fun. We had something like that in NJ, but I've seen nothing like that here. In NJ it was Santa on a Firetruck though, but he would throw little bags of candies and toys at the kids and they have fond memories of it.

    You can ask your sis in law to email you the pic (from her phone) and then cut and paste it or copy it into your pics file.



  2. I recently looked at the Arithmetic Village website (I've been investigating Waldorf ideas) so thanks for pictures of it "in action!"

  3. LOL- love the teddy bear gnomes! The math looks like it was a lot of fun.


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