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What Fun

We had our yearly doctor appointment today. The drive is about 40-60 minutes. When we moved from Plano we didn't want to give up our wonderful doctor, so we make the trip out. They are so kind to take us all. We left the house at 11:00 a.m. arrived at our appointment at 11:40a.m. and finished at 5:15p.m.
I'm thankful that the staff is so kind, it really makes our appointment quiet enjoyable. There was a new receptionist this year she gave us a kind compliment saying she has never seen such well behaved children.
We are all pretty healthy. Lupe and I still have high cholesterol. Lupe, is taking medication and I need to exercise more.
The children are all doing great. My four middle kiddos all have slight eczema. One of Annette's nasal passages was shaped like a crescent moon and the other was half open, so that may explain why she's been uncomfortable. Caleb, had closed nasal passages as well but not as bad as Annette's and Brent was third runner up.
We all got the flu shot. I didn't really want to get it but I caved. I'm okay with it (although my Lance, has been acting up since we got it).
As for my bedwetter, we are going to get some medication to help him. We have tried almost everything the doctor has recommended in the past (except for the bell, ringy thing). Again, I feel comfortable with this.

By the time we were done with all eight appointments we were HUNGRY!!! Lupe, took us to TinStar. I had the Flamin Salmon (think that's what it was called). We all enjoyed our dinner. We don't normally take the children with us when going to anything higher than fastfood (well, we do every-so-often as a treat) so it was extra special.

After TinStar, we went to Lowes. Lupe's Disneyland. Since we were in our old neighborhood, we decided to see our house. The children have been wanting to see the old place. On the way, my Sweets bought me a 'high' society Mocha from Starbucks. Yummy. Love those Gingerbread Mochas and I haven't had one for a while. It was fun driving down our old street. I must say, I miss the much larger house. It was beautiful.

We had a nice drive back home. Listening to CHRISTmas music and enjoying all the lights. It felt so CHRISTmasy. Thank you Jesus, for our family time together.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention; out of all the children, Josh, was the worst with getting his shot. I thought he was going to hyper-ventilate. I had to hold him still by giving him a big hug. Later, he told me it didn't hurt. He thought it was going to be painful. Silly boy of mine.

So, even though we had a doctors appointment that took five hours, it was a wonderful day.

Now, snug in our little home, we are enjoying some hot chocolate. At least the children are.
Lance, took his mug as soon as I spooned the hot chocolate in, so you only see five mugs. The Taz mug is Joshua's and I know Ethan, will choose the glass mug.


  1. Your day sounded delightful. Seeing as how you were at the doctor for 5 hours, that is amazing.

  2. Wow, I love how you made a day of doctor visits sound like a warm family gathering! I'm inspired! What a fun time you must have had going out to dinner with your kids. We do that about once a year too! I know our kids sure have fun when we do. Have a very Merry Christmas Linda!

  3. You make going to the doctor's sound like such fun!

    Have a blessed weekend! Every time I drink a cup of coffee, you come to mind.

  4. We love Abuelitas hot chocolate. We have it with warm buscuits on the side. Uhum, my Baby Girl, who is not so baby, has a terrible fear of getting shots and I have to hold my 20, uhum, baby girl, the whole shot through. It takes the nurses and doctor to calm her down. I don't know where she developed this fear, but she absolutely hates shots!

    Sounds like a beautiful day! Praise the Lord, God is so good!


    Dee :)

    ps My cholesterol was high the last time as well. I have to get on a serious workout regiment after the holidays. ;)

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words. It was a fun and special day. Who would have thought a day at the doctors could be so fun. LOL.

  6. I was a bed wetter until about fifth grade, and I have one who wet the bed until about fifth grade. It bothered me more than it bothered her. My mom tells me what finally cured me was cutting out almost all dairy. I don't really remember that. I think some kids bladders just don't mature enough. If you do want to try the alarm, let me know as I have one you may have. It never really worked for us because my DD would pull the plug out before she went to sleep because it "bothered" her. She was about five at the time and didn't understand why it needed to be hooked up in order to work.


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