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Yeah, It's Friday!

Earlier today, my dad was on his way to the store. He wasn't feeling too well and was going to get some medicine. He asked if I needed anything. I requested some frozen pizzas for supper tonight. Later, around dinner time I  took out one of the pizzas from the box and thought, it sure looks small.

 Once nice and piping hot, I had the children gather around for some more Creative Math. As I cut the pizzas up we would say what fraction it was.
  I'm a bit disappointed because I missed an opportunity here to go over mixed fractions. Bummer! Guess, we were too hungry. Maybe I  can bake some small cakes later, oh, wait, cookies would be good for this too!!!
 Lance, is eating some leftover pizza. He was not allowed to watch the Friday night movie with us. He misbehaved today. I didn't feel like giving a correction, so I took a privilege away instead. No dessert and no movie. He cried and I felt bad, but he needs to learn to obey his mama.
Uh, how in the world did Lance, get out of these pants. How long has he been wearing them?
Just kidding! These are Lance's pants, and yes, some how he changed but he did put them on this morning. They are a size 6. My Lance, is six years old but still wears between a size 4 and 5. Like my Annette, she's 11yrs. old and she is finally wearing a size 7. I think we got rid of her last size 6 pants.

Brent, reading a Phonebook.


  1. I've enjoyed reading all your post tonight....sipping my coffee :) I love your creative math learning with pizza. I'm sure that your children will treasure this special learning time with you.

    (((Hugs to you and Lance...it's so hard to be a mom.))

  2. Awww, sometimes I truly think it is tougher on Mom than it is on kids when they get punished. I know I didn't believe that as a kid though! Fun pizza lesson, and that pizza does look really small!

  3. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your pizza math.

  4. I need to do that pizza lesson, we're just starting fractions here!

    I love your skinny kids and their pants sizes. Mine are just the same. My barely 6yo insists he doesn't wear size 4 anymore. But sadly, those are the ones that fit him. :)


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