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CHRISTmas Cookies

Wednesday, Annette, Josh and I baked. We made chocolate chip cookies and took out the Snickerdoodle dough from the previous day. Lupe and I hadn't gone to the grocery store to get the remaining ingredients, so our cookie baking started late.
Today, we are making Ginger, Snowballs, Molasses and Sugar Cookies.

Here, Annette is putting some CHRISTmas music on.
 Josh, making Chocolate Chip

 Grandpa being silly.

What's in the Box

Brent, saw this before he went down for a nap. In a very excited voice he asked, "What's in the box?". I let him know he will have to wait and see.
After a nice long nap he woke up and his first words were, "What's in the box?" He hadn't even sat up from his slumber yet.
I thought it was funny that 'the' box was still on his mind. I remember those childhood days of wondering 'what's in the box?'

Two Birthdays

Happy 11th Birthday Caleb!!!!!

Happy 12th Birthday Annette!!!
{more late birthday pictures}

Annette and Caleb celebrate their birthdays together.

They are 12 months and 5 days apart.
I think it's neat how they don't mind sharing that special day with each other.
Here they are opening their gifts.
Annette with her birthday presents.
 Caleb with his.
 Annette, went first because she is the little lady.
 Caleb received a ButterFinger from his cousins. He looks so happy. I love that smile.
 I don't know what they are looking at. Arrg! Why did I wait so long to post these.
 Annette, got some candy and money (will ask the kids later who gave what)
 I love this picture of my Girl. If you look closely you can see her little dimple.
 Caleb received a $50.00 book from mom and dad. The most expensive book (other than homeschooling books) that we EVER paid for. I searched high and low but the only place you can purchase the book (at least when I was searching) was at Vision Forum.
 I was able to get everything on Annette's birthday wish list. Two books that she really wanted and Mouse Trap.
 We normally buy soda but I wanted to make a punch this year.

 Enjoying the cake.

 The children decorated.

Next year Annette, will turn 13, so she requested that we separate the birthdays for that one special teenager year. I'm sure Caleb, is going to want his own 13th birthday as well. The next two years they will have their own birthday.

CHRISTmas Cookies

We made our first batch of CHRISTmas cookies. We decided to go with Snickerdoodles. Our first choice was Chocolate Chip but the butter was not soft enough (we don't have a microwave). I took the butter out this morning, so you'd think it would have been soft by 6:00p.m. it was cold today though.
 My helpers. Annette and Lance.

 Lance, sits on the foot rest. Makes for a perfect chair and table. All-in-one.
We also made some Eskimo Cookies. I forgot to take a picture because they were in the freezer.

Day 71

With the two little ones we completed Bible, history, geography and copywork (only Ethan did copywork).
Today for geography the children made a map from our story. On the bottom of the paper they made fence, above the fence they made a corn field and above that they made a forest. Once done with making their map, they then had to draw footprints where the character in our story went. From the gate, through the cornfield and in the forest.

 Lance, said he couldn't draw little boy feet, only deer feet.
 Ethan's drawing. He said it was hard to draw little feet, so they came out big.

Lance is wearing a hat that I purchased about six years ago. It came with a matching apron.
This morning Lance came up to me asking about the hat. He tried it on and said the hat didn't fit him. Sure enough it was a tight fit. How sad, when I purchased the hat and apron set, all my children could wear it. Now it doesn't fit any of my children, so of course I had to take a picture of the hat being worn one last time.

Below Lance pulled the hat down. I told him to keep it that way, so I could snap a picture. It was pretty tight. Lance said, "Hurry I don't want to sacrifice" at first I didn't understand what he meant but then realized he meant suffocate.

CHRISTmas Decorating

Last night my Sweets brought home the CHRISTmas decorations from storage (we don't have a garage). The children were really excited. I thought I would let them decorate this year.

 We decided to use a fake tree this year. The children really wanted a live tree but with funds being short it's either this one or no tree. After the children decorated it, they were happy. Lights make everything look good.
When we lived in our larger house, the formal living room was in the front facing the street. It had a nice big window. We purchased this tree to put in front of that window, so it would look pretty from the outside. People passing by could enjoy the tree. 
Our live tree was always put in the living room that we used daily.

That's the story behind the fake tree.

Day 70

We are taking it light this week but did get some schooling done.

I had math sessions with Josh, Caleb, Brent and Ethan. Completed history, poetry, Bible study and geography via Beyond Little Hearts with Lance and Ethan and went over Analytical Grammar with Annette.

Josh, Caleb and Brent made some gift tags, not sure if this falls under 'art' or 'home-economics'.
Josh wrapped and made a gift-tag for Lance's present.

 More of Joshua's gift-tags. He is using a stamp set that belonged to my mom. I still have the card that she made with it. This was over 13 years ago. The stamp set was one of my mother's first sets (before we started purchasing from Stampin Up)
 Caleb's tags.
Annette, read a few hours. She still needs 14 books to reach her goal of 100 books in 12 months.

This week the children will do math, grammar and home economics (baking and cooking. Getting the house ready for CHRISTmas)