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Bob Jones

It's so cold for us Texans at 25 degrees. I am sitting here, with my scarf on. We don't have central heating, brrrrr.

The children are doing a quick clean up in the living room, so I thought I'd do a quick blog post. I've been so busy with schooling that I haven't had time to blog. I have been taking a nap daily too.

Here are more thoughts about school for next school year. I'm really, seriously looking at Bob Jones Complete DVD or Hardrive package for Joshua and maybe Annette.
I really need some help with teaching Joshua. If I can get Joshua, ready for Bob Jones Math 6 and use Bob Jones Complete package for grade 7 I think it'll be a good thing.
This will include:
  • Math 6
  • Reading/Literature 7
  • Science 7
  • Grammar and Writing 7
  • Heritage Studies 7
  • Bible 7
I  thought the 7th grade package would work for him because he is currently using the 8th grade Heritage Study. I wanted him to use Bob Jones Life Science instead of what the 8th grade program had. I'm not real big with grade numbers anyway. I don't mind it saying 7th if he is in 8th grade. This year he is using 8th grade Heritage Studies and he's in 7th. This is one of the wonderful advantages with homeschooling because most kids are all over the place with subjects.

On a homeschooling forum I frequent I have read that Bob Jones writing instruction stops in 7th grade, so I may add in IEW or Pattern Based Writing or something that I already own. Other than the writing I won't add much more (maybe finally start his Latin studies though).

If we can swing the price I think this is what Joshua will use next school year. I have been planning to purchase the complete textbook set for him. The only concern I have had is, I hear that Bob Jones is one of the more teacher intensive programs, this is why I have stayed away from its full program.
The full grade 7 program is $644.00. This includes all textbooks, teacher manuals, tests, keys and so forth. For $300.00 more I can also add the dvds which will really help with the teacher intensive part and in my opionion well worth the extra dollars.

I've briefly talked to Lupe about it and he is open to the idea. Maybe tonight I can show him examples and such.

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  1. Hi Linda! I was missin' ya! I need to follow your example and take a nap every day, I'm serious! I just can't, but I am going to try and train my body because I barely sleep at night and then I'm sluggish all day.

    I know Nancy on the HSR boards uses lots of BJU dvd's and she loves them, especially for history and English.

    I hope it works out for you! Let us know what you decide. I'm still working out all the kinks in what I will be doing. I just read about that Patterns writing program today. I can't wait to hear more about it from actual users.

    Many Blessings!!

    Dee :)

    ps It's getting cold here in FL as well. No where near the twenties, but for us anything under 60 is freezing. ;)


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