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Changing Things Up (at school)

I've been changing things up here at Homeschooling6. I'll start with Caleb and Brent. I started them with Phonics Road 2 this year but we are changing it. I really dislike letting go of PR, but I was not being consistent. I was explaining to a friend that my brain works weird. If it's not scheduled out like Lesson 1, Lesson 2 or Day 1, Day 2 etc. for some reason it's hard for me to get it done with my kids.
Secondly, as much as I believe in Mrs. Beers program I have six children ages 6-12 and many of them still need me to teach them math and phonics (the two main 3R's). It takes time. To teach math alone takes over 2 hours of my time.
Thirdly, because I'm so inconsistent with Phonics Road, I believe I'm hindering their advancement. They know all the phonograms but still are not taking off with their reading. I think part of it is they are not reading enough.
I chose to switch them to something that they can do more on their own and don't have to wait for me.
For spelling they both will use Spelling Workout B. To keep refreshed with their phonics (until they become more interested in reading) they will use MPC Plaid Phonics. I was going to add Shurley Grammar in as well, but thought to wait until the fall; when it will be scheduled in with Easy Classical.
I believe this will be a good change. The boys really do need to move on. All that they have been doing is math these days. Switching wasn't really in the budget but some Christmas money from my Grandma helped out.

Changes for Josh; Saxon Phonics Intervention for spelling was not a good fit for Josh. He himself said it was too confusing. It wasn't the program but the way Joshua's cute brain works. Too many rules=too much confusion. I strongly believe that not every child needs to learn so many rules and phonograms but I really thought it would be a good thing for Josh, but come to find out it's not. I wanted to cover two bases with using Saxon Phonics Intervention. I wanted to make sure he new all the phonics rules to ensure that he can continue to read bigger and harder rules as he progressing. I don't want him to be at a 7th grade level forever. This is why I wanted to make sure the phonics portion was covered.
He's older and my prayer is that learning how to spell better and learn Latin will help him progress in reading. He is not behind but I just want to make sure he continues to move forward.
I am going to try A.C.E. Word Builders. He'll start with Pace 1025 and go from there. Next year he will start his Latin studies and continue with Greek. Hopefully this combination will keep him learning.

Changes with Annette, just a few miner ones. Since, Josh is not using Saxon Phonics Intervention, I had her stop too. She was just along for the ride. She is continuing with Megawords. Next year she will use Bob Jones Spelling 6.

I'm happy to report that Ethan's studies have stayed the same. We are chugging alond. Although, our Learning Language Arts Through Literature is slow coming. I'm happy if we get in phonics and math.

Lance, is slowly getting there. I might start him on Reading Made Easy. I was able to trade for this (not that I need anymore phonics programs) and continue with McRuffy Phonics.


  1. Looks like we are both in some of the same process. You are way ahead of me, though. My prayers go out to you and know that it's so hard to find that balance that works to keeps us as Wives, Moms and Teachers.

  2. I think the changes will be good for all.

    MCP phonics is sooooo good! I used the Word Study books with my eldest after she finished the spelling series. She really liked it. I also used MCP spelling and math for a while too! They are good quality programs. They will also help in aiding the little ones to be more independent while you focus on the math studies and the reading.

  3. Sounds like good changes :) A homeschooling mama only has so many hours in the day (especially when teaching little ones to read) I guess all any of us can do is pray and keep moving forward. Your love for your children shines through in every one of your posts, so there is no doubt you are doing what is best for your kids.

  4. Kristi, thank you for your kind words :)


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