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Computer Help

There comes a time when I need to not feel guilty because I need the computer to help educate my children. Life can get pretty busy for a homeschooling mama of 6.
I'm trying something new with Brent. His math time consist of 20-30 minutes of DreamBox Learning and Math Rider.

I have Lance, Ethan, Brent and Caleb using DreamBox Learning for extra math practice. All children are using Math Rider for daily math facts. It sounds awful, but I don't have time to do flashcards with all my kiddos, so when I found out about Math Rider from another bloggy friend (thanks Jesse) I jumped at the chance. I was waiting for Timez Attack's addition, subtraction and division games to come out but they are taking too long! Anyway, the children really enjoy using Math Rider.

Annette, continues to use Saxon Math but I have added MathWhizz to her daily math time.

I like that I can keep track of the children's math and gauge where they are at. I don't know how long we'll use these programs because it is costing $40.00 a month. Math Whizz is $20.00 per child. DreamBox Learning is $20.00 for 4 kiddos. For now these programs are a HUGE help

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