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Day 86

I love blogging but can't seem to get back to writing like I use too. So, many things on my mind and plate. I thought I'd blog today, even if I don't really feel like it. The best way to get back to it, is to start.

Today I:
  1. Had a Saxon Math session with Brent.
  2. Saxon Phonics lesson 57 with Ethan. 
  3. McRuffy math with Ethan
  4. Bob Jones Math with Caleb
  5. Penmanship with Lance
Doesn't look like much today but it had me tuckered. I didn't put all the potty breaks, kiddos interrupting and so forth. Believe me, there were a lot of fires to put out today. I don't know what it is but some days the children (usually Lance) act up.

It was another cold day. I had the window opened to let in some fresh air. It was 29 degrees but sometimes I just need some air. When I first opened the window, I was talking to Josh, and we laughed because you could see my breath as I talked.
 Ethan, working on a McRuffy math lesson.
He had to fill the shape with pattern block three different ways and record what he used.

 This was his last one. I told him I wanted a picture for my blog and of course he smiled and said, "A smile like the one I made."
 Can you see the smile in his design?

His Bob Jones Penmanship and a Saxon Phonics 1 lesson. Today he spelled words like puddle, fable and ample. I'm really pleased with Saxon Phonics. His reading is coming along very well.
Brent, learning about volume in math today.

Lance, not being his happy self.

Lance, getting over a cold and I think Joshua, is getting sick. He said his throat hurt earlier today. Annette and Josh, both finished all their school work.


  1. Wow! Be encourage! You are doing an amazing job by the looks of your list. I too, am looking forward to spring and fresh air.

  2. Wow! You get so much done in a day it is a wonder to me that you can blog at all so that is a big accomplishment! I have only one child and I feel pretty maxed out 90% of the time. You are inspiring!


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