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Day 93

Last night, Brent, said he was old enough to have his own school planner, so I scheduled his schooling out. He was so excited. Look at him work away using his planner.
 Pictures don't lie, we had marshmellows this morning  
Here is what I scheduled for him today:
  1. Spelling Workout, practice words on p.10. Do pgs. 10 & 12
  2. MCP Phonics pgs. 16-17
  3. Math, 20 minutes of Dream Box and 15 min. of Math Rider
  4. Bible; James 1:1-14
  5. Cursive First Penmanship 19A
  6. Saxon Phonics with mom.
Here is Ethan, doing some online math.

 Lance, completing his first page of Spelling Workout A

We are still on Week 1 of Easy Classical K.

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