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Easy Classical K

Today was Lance's first day with using Easy Classical K. I haven't purchased the schedule yet, because I want to try it with the four weeks sample pages first.

There are a few bumps that need to be smoothed out though.
  1. Lance, can't read very well yet, so how am I suppose to use Spelling Workout A with him. I did purchase it but not sure if he's ready for it. If not he can use it next year.
  2. I was able to purchase Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I bought it used for $8.00. I haven't seen it yet, so not sure if we wil use it but I'm open.
  3. Instead of using Basic Phonics Skills B book, which is expensive $24.99, I also purchased a used copy of MCP Plaid Phonics for $6.00. I thought this would work better since it's made to go along side Spelling Workout A.
  4. I had my mind set on finishing with McRuffy Math K, but Easy Classical uses Saxon 1, since I own both, I'll go the Saxon route and hopefully add in McRuffy K as we go. Thankfully McRuffy K's lessons are not long.
But other than those few wrinkles I can see us using it (don't laugh).  We have all the other books and the ones that I didn't have I had enough in my paypal to purchase. Look how fun they look.

 A bloggy friend gave me her Literature Pockets.

So, today Lance, gave me his first narration.

They was waiting for their food to cool and they was taking a walk. Then the dad bear said, "Someone has been eating my food."
Mama Bear said," Someone has been eating my food."
Baby Bear said, "Someone has been eating my food."

She peeked in the house. She saw some food. She saw the chairs next to the fire and she sat on the bears chair. Mama's was too soft. Little Baby Bear's was just right. The baby chair made a loud crack and broke!
Then she went upstairs, she saw the beds. Papa's was too hard. Then she pulled the covers and went to mama's. It was too soft. Baby bed was too perfect.

The three bears went up in the rooms. Saw his bed. Papa said, "Someone was in my bed."
Mama said, "Someone was in my bed.
Baby Bear said, "she is still there."
She ran off down the stairs. She ran all the way back home. She never stopped.

I thought the did pretty good for the first time. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to correct him though, with using 'was' and the beginning his narration is out of sequence.

This week we have been working Catechism Questions.

Anyway, if anything (even if we don't use Easy Classical K) I'm having fun. Lance, and I have spent an hour a day on the couch going over his lessons (read aloud, Bible and Phonics).
I thought if we do use EC K, we can take a week and a half to complete a week. If he read better I think we would be able to accomplish a weeks worth in a week but since he's still learning it may take longer to finish.

A few more things about Easy Classical. I like that everything is scheduled for me. I think it will keep me more accountable with Lance. I like that I can check things off as we go (even if it does take longer than a week).


  1. Those books look like fun! I bet he's been enjoying his special one-on-one time with his mama just as much as you've probably enjoyed having that special time with him. You are truly an inspiration :)

  2. The books really do look so sweet and fun! I remember kindergarten with Josh, boohoo, I'm getting jealous, I mean, teary eyed. ;) Have fun with kindergarten! He's your baby! I miss that one on one couch time! Now the only thing that we do on the couch is listen to Josh talk about Star Wars. LOL! I have to bribe him for a read-aloud. ;)

    Dee :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragements on my blog:) Now you've got me curious about EC; I'll have to check that out! The books look wonderful! As for spelling - not sure if it's just plain ol' genetics, but so far both of my kids weren't ready for spelling until they were well past learning how to read. I could tell when they were ready because suddenly a word would "click" and they could remember how to spell a word for longer than 5 seconds.


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