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My sister Cynthia, is having her first giveaway at Cynce's Place. If you have a preschooler then you may be interested!

The kit is for preschoolers and includes the following items:

•Big Book of Games and Activities

•Read Aloud Story Activity 2

•My God and Me Walk-thru CD

•My God and Me Leader Guide

•Big Book of Kindergarten Puzzles 2

•Shake It Up Songbook

•Bible Story Pictures 2

•Shake It Up Music CD B

“Gospel Light updated the kit and we are no longer selling this one. This was a display kit so the covers have a sticker on them that reads “This belongs to Direct Sales” but that’s about it.

I have used the Big Book of Kindergarten Puzzles books 1 & 2 with Ethan and Lance. They have lots of neat stuff in them.

So, hop on over to her blog and enter :)

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