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I Made A Few purchases

Last night, when all the children went to bed I shopped. It was fun. I had some money in my paypal account. It took me a while because I thought long and hard about the purchases. I can't afford to make mistakes :)

At this time I'm thinking and planning for next year. For those of you who have read this blog from the start, might remember that last year at this time I was so, not sure of what to use for this coming school year. I went back-and-forth over and over again. This time I don't feel that way and am hoping/praying I made the right choices. I went to bed talking to God about what I purchased (hopefully he agrees with them).

It was hard to take the plunge and buy, because once I pay, my money is gone. I know I  need the items but still. I also talked to my Sweets before I went shopping. Let him know my plans and such. When I talk things over and let him know what's going on I feel better, I guess part of it is having his blessing.

It took forever because I was searching for the best prices. I went over and over about buying used, but didn't go that route. More than a few times I've been disappointed. Not saying that I don't ever purchase used because I do, but when I do I have to feel 100% comfortable. One item had too many pieces and the other had a cd. I think part of me just wanted new.

So, what did I order. It really wasn't much but it took forever. I went to bed past 2:00 a.m.

The best price I could find for Shurley English was at http://www.swhomeschool.com/. I purchased, Shurley English 1 and Shurley English 3 and 1 practice book for 3rd. (still need another 3rd grade Practice Book for both grades and Workbook for 3rd). If you order  $100.00 you get free shipping. My order was $105.00, so I just made it. I have purchased from this company once before.
It took me a good hour to hit the submit button because I'm scared of Shurley English. From what I read on one site; it's teacher intensive. I have also read that once you get the hang of it it's not so bad. This is why I'm ordering early, so I can read, read and read. Finally I just took the plunge and hit that 'submit' button. My stomach doesn't hurt, so maybe it's the right choice.

Second purchase was Saxon Phonics 2. I wasn't sure that I wanted to continue with this because of the time it involves BUT, it is working so well for Ethan. His reading is taking off. He can read words like struggled, friend, ticket, tooth, wood and so forth. It feels so good. I really feel with my Caleb and Brent, I could have done better, anyway, so I searched and searched. I was going to purchase it from CBD because it's on sale for $94.00 (normal price $145.00) but with shipping it came out to 103.37. I tried finding a coupon code but you all know how it goes with those shipping codes. They are usually used up! I needed to save that $9.43 because I was using my paypal, my money that I made from selling a few things. The search was on. I did find a used one at an online consignment store for a total of $93.00 but they didn't take paypal. I did a bing search and up came Rainbow Resource. I checked and guess what? The price (insert drum roll here) $86.95 with shipping it came out to $96.00.

My last purchase was from Easy Classical. I bought in digital format the 1st grade schedule for Ethan and Lance.
If we continue with Easy Classical with Ethan, my plan is to purchase the 2nd grade the year after but bump him up with Shurley to the 3rd level but that's for another time.

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  1. Good for you! I don't have much done in the planning department to make purchases yet, but I do have Sonlight 5 purchased (got it for 1/4 of the price) and plan to use that with one of my daughters. I'm sticking with Teaching Textbooks, so basically her year is planned. That leaves me with 1st grade and 11th grade.


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