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Yesterday, Joshua slept half the day. He hardly ever sleeps the day away, so I know he was fighting something. He reminds me of his father. It's rare to see my Sweets in bed for half a day. It only happens when he is plum tired or really sick.

Lance, is feeling better. Lance, may be a silly-willy but he's a smart cookie. He will tell me, "I'm sad, you hurt my feeling." or, "But, you made me sad." He will say this when he doesn't get his way.

Caleb, is still his cautious self. He notices everything. The other day I said, "We don't own the Edison company, turn the lights off." Dad, had mentioned something about the lights being on too. Since then all lights have been turning off. I leave my room to put something away only to return and my lights are off. Hee, hee.

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