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My first post for 2011!!!/Week 15

My first post for 2011!!!

Week 15. January 3rd-7th 2011

We are back in session.
Monday, didn't go too well. I had an adult tantrum and even through a math book. I know terrible. The kids just weren't hopping to it, so the wrath of mom came out.

Tuesday was much better.
Lance, is completing a McRuffy Math lesson.
 Ethan, completing a McRuffy math lesson too. Yay!
 Annette, typing. The children are using Read, Write and Type.
 This morning, at 9:00 a.m. I went looking for Ethan. I found him still asleep with his feet sticking out of his bed. He is on the top bunk.
 He had a good sleep. I can tell by his hair.
 Josh and Lance, some how ended up with the same shirt today. Josh, got his for CHRISTmas and I'm not sure where Lance's shirt came from. I think one of his Aunties gave it to him. He's had his for a few months, so it was a surprise when we discovered Josh and Lance, have the same shirt. They look cute.
 Annette, having lunch. I made some really good sandwiches today. Annette and I like the works in our sandwiches. Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, mayo, mustard and pickles. We didn't have pickles but Annette, added Bell Peppers.

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  1. What was it about Monday? I did to and wondered why I bothered starting back. Then called a friend and she was about to lose it also. Oh well, thankful the rest of the week has gone well.


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