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Saxon Phonics 1

I think I may be getting my blogging desire back .

I have been wanting to write about how Saxon Phonics level 1 is going. We are on lesson 65.
I would like to say that we are not always having fun and some days I feel like Ethan, is not getting it. I don't know if that true or not but he is reading words like, beefy, guppy, my, Rome, sty, fishy, hike. This is one of the short paragraphs that he as read from Saxon Phonics.
"Let's have a fish fry," said Mom. "We can invite Pam and Fred," she said. "I will get Ann to dry the spoons and plates. Jo can help set the table and I will get the fish."

2nd paragraph.

The table was set with plates and napkins for the fish fry. Pam and Fred came with a cake. We ate until we were stuffed. We had fun!

I have tweaked Saxon Phonics a little. I'm really trying to keep the program as is.
What I have tweaked.
  • We don't go over all the letter cards, picture cards, sight word cards and Spelling Sound Sheet daily.
In the beginning I did do this every day as written in the teacher manual. Now that Ethan, knows all his letter sounds and names and put the letters in order, he knows vowel and consonant combinations, he can code and now read many words without coding, so I don't feel the need to do this every, single day anymore.
On Monday, we don't do a lesson, so this is when we do go over all the cards and we will write all the sounds down. I do have to help him with some of the sounds like 'o'. He knows the sound but is suppose to write 'o-e, o ll ow (o consonant e comma o final digraph ow).
Through the week I choose a different deck. Tuesday we may go through the picture and sight word cards. Wednesday the Affix and letter cards. Thursday, Picture and Sight Word cards etc.
  • Accent mark.
I don't drill the accent mark. I do introduce it and mention it but I figure he'll get this later. Right now it's a bit much (even I have a hard time with the accent mark).

  • Worksheets
For the most part we do complete one side of the worksheet. There is a side to be completed during our lesson and then there is a 'homework' sheet on the other side. I will pick a homework sheet to use on Monday or any other day that we don't get to a regular lesson.

That's about all the tweaking. They are very subtle. Nothing major but it helps keep our lesson under 40 minutes.

I still have a small issue with sight words but I'm not stressing over it. I do introduce them as sight words. For the word 'friend', I'm not isolating the 'ie' sound. The word 'into', I do show him that the 'o' is making it's 3rd sound "oo". I guess I'm doing a combination with them (it's hard to let go completely of OG method )

The spelling test in Saxon Phonics has at least two sight words. So, far I have been skipping them. I would like him to learn all the sounds, then next year or this year too, I can show him the phonogram sound for most of them.

I like the Rule Book that comes with Saxon Phonics. I have been learning a lot about the English language and how it works. Very neat!

I already purchased Saxon Phonics 2.

Saxon Phonics is not an Orten Gillingham method. Saxon Phonics, does introduce the schwa and introduces the long /E/ sound in the vowel 'y' and of course it uses sight words.


  1. Sounds like Saxon Phonics is working, YAY :) I know he must be as proud of himself as you are of him!

    Thanks for leaving such a sweet message on my post and praying for me. Even though I'm still undecided about next year, I feel more at peace with this one :)

  2. Linda, it sounds like this program really fits him! He is learning and you are doing a great job with teaching him. Every reading program I used, I always tweaked it up a bit and made it my own.


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