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Still Thinking About Bob Jones

I still have my head in a cloud with my Bob Jones choice for Josh and Annette. There are a few cons though.
  1. I can't order early to drool over everything because one is leasing them for 13 months
  2. Many of the courses are using their older editions. Most 2nd edition. I don't like that because eventually they will update the dvds too and I'm left with a whole lotta 2nd editions.
The 2nd edition thing is really bothering me. With Josh, almost with the exception of Bible and Science are the older versions. I like new. Plus by the time Annette, uses some I'll have to repurchase a whole complete package because by then the dvds will be updated.

Maybe if I don't have the kiddos write in any of the books or test, I can resell them for a little bit of money to pay for the next year. For instance with Bob Jones Math 7 (which isn't current if using the dvd) if I keep it all looking nice maybe I can sell if for $40.00 if I have all the test unused and teacher packet to go along with it.

Other then the two downfalls, I'm happy!


  1. oh boy, that is a dilema! And to make things worse, once a new edition comes out, very rarely will people even want to buy the older ones. I agree with waiting a bit. Do you know when the next editions will be coming out?

    Someone just told me that the 5th grade math is still the older edition and not that good, so I would want to hold off on that as well, even though I was going to go with level 4 anyway, and I do believe by what you have written that that is the newer edition.

    OH decisions...so many...Have you seen Abeka dvds? They look good as well, but oh so much more expensive than BJU...

  2. BJ 5th grade 3rd edition is out and I think the 6th grade one will be updated in 2011. The dvd program is using many of the 2nd edition even though some like the literature components have been updated in 2007. Same with the 7th grade math and Algebra, the DVD is using all the older editions.

    I'm going to wait until the last minute. I did notice at CBD that they are updating some of the Hard Drive programs, so maybe that means they are redoing some.


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