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Thinking of Next Year

Well, with the new year upon us, I'm gearing up for our next school year.
I am determined to finish what we are using this year though. Most of this year picks have worked. A few we have dropped but I'm really happy how things are going.

One program I'm looking into is Easy Classical. I like the fact that all scheduling is done for you, right down to page numbers. This is a major pro for me.
The downside is I'd have to use Easy Classical's suggestions because it's all scheduled. I really don't mind doing that,   because everything suggested is something I would use.

This year with Annette, I'm using Saxon Grammar. If I use Easy Classical with her it would change to Shurley Grammar. 
With Caleb and Brent, I'd have to give up my beloved Phonics Road  
and The Latin Road

So, I'm thinking long and hard, BUT I do really like everything scheduled and the choices are pretty good.
With regards to the schedule, it's such a big plus for me because I spend hours every week making schedules for all the children.

There are a few things that I wouldn't change. For one, math. Bob Jones is working for Caleb. Annette, started Saxon 6/5 and I may or may not use Saxon with her next fall. I like Saxon but wanted to go with Bob Jones 6, which really depends if the 3rd edition  is available.

That's some of my thoughts for next school year.


  1. They sound like good changes. I so hear you about finishing what we start with. I think it sends a message to the kids as well, that they must also finish what they start. I love the little blue faces, they made me laugh.

    Hey, Shurley Grammar looks good! I would use it if Joshua didn't hate the music so much. He's just so picky about songs and music, drats! I need another child to try stuff out with. ;)


  2. You are ahead of me...hehe! I'm still trying to get through this year. Enjoy the planning process! I'll probably start planning next month.

  3. Oh, and thank you for your response about the math. Since I had Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten already, I decided to try it this week. So far, it has been a much better fit but I still plan to use McRuffy as soon as she's mastered more. We were both getting quite frustrated.

  4. I gave up this year on our curriculum! In Dec we started Time 4 Learning (I know you've explored this option before). Mine truly was a choice of desperation. I couldn't keep up with the toddler. Now I'm slowly trying to fix our problems and then maybe next year we can try something else. Who knows? But I think I need to fix the 1. toddler, 2. dog, 3. house (cleanliness) first.

  5. If only there was a fainting icon I could use...give up PR? !?!?!?! Sigh, faint, moan....can't you just plug it in?!

  6. Tina, you're so funny. I know, I can't believe I'm even considering giving up my beloved PR. Still thinking and as for now, I'm still using PR2. Even if I do switch next year, I'm not selling. My PR is too precious.


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