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Week 16/Day 81

Week 16. January 10th-14th, 2011

This week it's been cold. Temperatures between 30-40 degrees. Ethan, has been finding icicles left from the dripping snow. I forget to mention but last week it snowed.
Because it's been cold, the younger children haven't done as much school as I would have liked. I did make sure that Caleb, Brent and Ethan, did math everyday. Josh and Annette, have been completing all their studies. It's mainly Lance, that hasn't had much.

I do have an announcement to make.
Lance, read his first words this week. He sounded them out all by himself.
The words were cat, can, at, and an. Yay, Lance.

Caleb and Brent made a ship out of cardboard boxes.
 A new stove! One of our apartments that we are getting ready to rent, needs a stove, so Lupe, took ours to the apartment. At Lowe's he found one on sale to replace the one he took. I'm so happy with our new stove. Look at all the space to cook!
 Ethan, being Ethan.
 Lance, working on McRuffy Phonics.
 Don't you just love homeschooling.
 It was so quiet one day. I went searching for the children and found them schooling together in my bed. I forgot what they were playing, but I'm sure it has to do with the Arm or the wilderness (survival).
 Another, fort or ship.
 My school space during the day. By night it's a dinner table.

Brent was telling me how the neighborhood kids didn't like to use a stick when they played war and such. Brent, said, "A stick can be many things. A gun, sword, paddle, cane..." he went on to name more but I can't remember. I thought it was very imaginative of him. My kids love playing with sticks. As mentioned, some days they are rifles another day it may be a sword or a pole to hold up a blanket (tent). I love that my children can make a plain old stick into something so fun.


  1. Fort building is awesome! I have fond memories of doing the smae when I was a young girl. My kiddo's enjoy it as well during the cold winter days. I love your pics, mama!

  2. Way to Go Lance!!!

    I love the stove! ;)