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Week 18

Not only were the kiddos having fun opening a package, so was I! Yesterday, the remaining books for Easy Classical K, Saxon Phonics 2 and MCP Plaid Phonics and Spelling Workout B came in.

Caleb and Brent, were actually excited to start their two new workbooks (Spelling Workout and MCP Phonics). They got started right away. Today, they took their first spelling test. We are going to write any 'troubled words' on a separate piece of paper for them to study but continue to the next lesson.

I still haven't gotten back into my blogging mode. It's so weird because I LOVE blogging and writing about our homescooling adventure. There is so much to write but I just don't have the desire like I did before. There is much I want to write about too.

Yesterday, when Lupe, got home from fixing my dad's house he gave me the usual hug and kiss. Some how Josh, got trapped and he couldn't pass us, unless he went right past us. Of course they don't like seeing any kissing, so Josh, tried to pass quickly by and on his way out he said, "Ewww, caught in the cross-fire."

I'm sorry, I don't feel like writing about our whole week, but we did get it done.

(I like this little log cabin)

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