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Joshua, trying to beat his previous score using MathRider.
Here is a picture of him that I took last week. He doesn't let me take many pictures anymore, so I  need to take advantage when he does allow me too.
Outlining what he read from Bob Jones Heritage Studies.
He looks good in brown.

A Pistol for Sale

Last week the children had lots of fun. Each day Grandpa would take a few children with him to run some errands and of course treat them to a snack or lunch. I'm happy they'll have those memories of spending time with their Grandpa-pa.

Saturday, my sis-in-law had a yard sale. She let my kids add their goods. Lance was trying to find a few things to sell.
He asked if his pistol was worth a $1.00.
It's a stick. He made me smile. I told him it was too nice to sell.

Week 22

Week 22. February 21-25, 2011. Homeschool Day 112.

Our weeks are busy but great. I still need to check some work but here's what we did.

Joshua, 7th Grade:
He's continuing to outline from Bob Jones Heritage Study. This is something new for Josh, we haven't done too much of it in the past. He also completed Pattern 3: Chunking Down (Get More Specific. Give More Detail) from Pattern Based Writing.
With math, he loves Math-Whizz + Math Rider. His scores are improving. He also completed 7pgs. from Spectrum Math. He's having a bit of trouble understanding long division like 3 divided by 975. He gets the steps mixed up, but I have been working with him and I see some light bulbs turning on.
Reading he is using Any Novel Study Guide and completed three days worth. He still needs to finish days 4 & 5. This week he is analyzing characters, using character sheets. His writing assignment was to write a one paragraph summary of the person's character. Everyday he finds words to add to his vocabulary list and writes a one sentence summary for each chapter.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature he finished lesson 11. It's five days worth.
He continues to practice the Greek Alphabet using Elemental Greek. He copied John 1:1a in Greek. Practiced translating some words and wrote the present tense of verb ending.
Spelling, he has learned a few more words. It's coming slowly. Grammar, he did a few pages from Spectrum Grammar. Next week he will start back with Saxon Grammar.
Bible, Josh, continues to dig deeper in God's word. I'm so proud of how diligent he is with reading and studying his Bible.

Annette 5th Grade:

Annette, completed her first week of Hands on Essays. She is working on a five paragraph, expository essay.
Megawords 3, she is almost done with it. She completed 6pgs. I'm not sure if she'll continue with Megawords 4. Next year she will use Bob Jones Spelling because it comes with the dvd package.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature, she completed lesson 13.
Elemental Greek, she practices the alphabet every day. This week she translated a few sentences.
Bob Jones Heritage Studies, she studied the Middle West, the Southwest and completed Quiz 5A.
Math, she completed Saxon Math lessons 27-30 and still needs to take the test.
Saxon Grammar she completed lessons 38-40 and passed test 7. Both Annette and Josh, have voiced that they like Saxon Grammar. Eeeks, next year they are both switching to Bob Jones.
Annette, loves Math-Whizz and Math Rider.

Caleb, 4th Grade:

Caleb, completed Chapter 6 of Bob Jones Math 4. I just signed him up for Math-Whizz and like his older siblings, he loves it. He was using DreamBox Math, which is geared for K-3rd. Caleb, has almost completed the 3rd grade level, plus he's in 4th grade and thought Math-Whizz might be more of a challenge for him. He was happy to switch.
Caleb, completed 10pgs. of MCP Phonics 2 and passed his spelling test list 5.

Brent 3rd Grade:

Completed three lessons of Saxon Math 3 + lots of lesson with DreamBox Math + Math Rider.
Spelling Workout-completed lesson 5. He still needs to take his spelling test.
MCP Phonics C- He completed 10pgs.

Ethan 2nd Grade:

Completed lots of math lessons via DreamBox Math.
Saxon Phonics 1, completed three math lessons. He did well on the Assessment.

Lance, completed Week 3 of Easy Classical.
Yesterday we made 'Little Bird' who goes hop, hop, hop.
 Front of Little Bird.
 When we completed Little Bird, Lance said, "Where's his tail?" so we gave Little Bird a tail.
 Not very happy to complete a McRuffy Math lesson.

I forgot to add that Josh and Annette, are using Sonlight Science 5, but they both prefer a textbook, so they are slowly making their way through it. They are enjoying all the books that came with it and learning about the human body.

Writing and Math Changes

It seems with the subject writing, it's been evolving this year. Both Josh and Annette's writing programs have changed some. They both continue with Learning Language Arts Through Literature but we have dropped a few things. What we have tried or are still using this year:
  • Writing With Ease 3.
We still do a lesson here and there but it's not our main program. I am using it for dictation and narration.
  • My Father's Writing Beginning Essay Writing
This was really good but I was not keeping up with it on a daily bases with Josh. I need to do some teaching (which is fine) but I the teacher needs more hand-holding.
  • Pattern Based Writing is what Joshua, is currently using.
This is our second week using Pattern Based Writing. We both like it's step-by-step instructions and it is written to the student. I do check his work to make sure he understands.
  • Hands on Essay, Annette, is currently using this. I purchased this at the beginning of the year and am glad I kept it.
Annette, really enjoys (as much as one can enjoy a school subject) Hands on Essay. What we both really like is the DVD. She pops it in, watches her lesson, then does the assignment. We are using the older version. At the time of purchasing I wasn't sure what to use for writing, so I purchased several writing programs and it made sense to get the older one at a great discount!
Hands on Essay, is non consumable. Annette, uses notebook paper for her assignments.

Her first lesson was learning an essay format, so she had to trace her hand and label it. Her thumb is the beginning, the three middle fingers is the body of the essay and her pinky wraps it up.

I think we should have had her trace the other hand. She traced her left hand, making it look backwards.
Here is a peek inside the book.
 Today, she had to develop her topic for the essay.
Her essay is going to be about her three favorite dog breeds. She had just begun when I took this picture.

With Math, things have changed for a few of the children.
With Josh, I had planned to use Bob Jones 4, then Saxon but they didn't work out. Finally we settled with using Spectrum Math books. He is doing well with them. They have him do the problems so many times, that he is forced to remember them.

Annette, started with Horizons and is now using Saxon 6/5. She didn't mind Horizons, but I needed a better teacher manual. Saxon is a great fit for her.

Caleb, is still using what he started out with, yeah! Bob Jones, is great. At first I wasn't too sure about the teacher manual. It wasn't scripted enough for me, but I stuck with it and am glad I did. What I do to help me remember is highlight things. Some of the lesson is scripted but there are other parts that tell the teacher what to do, so I highlight those parts, so I don't forget to tell Caleb.

Brent, started with Bob Jones 4 along with Caleb. I skipped a grade of math with him and that didn't work out, so he is now using Saxon.

Ethan and Lance are using a combination of Saxon and McRuffy Math. We alternate.

I signed Josh, Annette and Caleb up for Math Whizz as well.

We all love Math-Whizz.

Each child takes an assessment, first thing.
Annette's actual math age is 11.43. When she joined (1/27/11) her math age was, 10.13. Her math age to date is 10.62. She has improved by 0.49.

Joshua's actual math age is 12.77. When he joined (2/10/11) his math age was 10.56. His current math age to date is 10.60. He has improved by 0.04%.

Caleb's actual math age is 10.42. When he joined (2/24/11) his math age was 10.34. He joined today so there are no improvements recorded yet.

With Annette and Caleb, their birthdays fall in September. They both didn't meet the Texas cut-off date, so Annette's 11 years and in 5th grade. She is an older 5th grader. I don't know if that made a difference with her score or not because she hasn't completed 6th grade math yet. Not that it's a biggy but it just came to mind today. All-in-all I think they are doing great!

Day 109

Homeschool Day 109.

Caleb, completing some school work.
 His penmanship form today.
 Yesterday's penmanship. I told him that some of him m's need to slant to the right but otherwise, good job!
 Bob Jones Math lesson (I haven't corrected it yet)
 Copywork from Primary Language Lessons.
He needs to correct a few things in the passage still. I don't know why he started with using a pencil but finished with a pen. Will have to have him redo it. Poor guy!

Here is a picture of Caleb and me. My friend Casey is challenging her readers to be in more pictures with our children. It's a good challenge, don't you think? I know I haven't been in many pictures lately because I feel fat, ugly and have big chipmunk cheeks with my added weight. Hard to believe I was once a skinny, young thing at one time. Hee, hee.
When I first married my Sweets I was 5'6 and between 115-120lbs. Now fourteen years and six babies later, well, let's just say, I'm no where near 120lbs. I'll have to find a before my little hearts where born picture.
Couldn't find a digital one of me but here I am pregnant with my 4th child, Brent in 2001.
You can tell from my face that I was much more thinner.

Okay, enough about me, back to homeschooling.
Annette, completing a Megawords page.
Annette and Josh, both do most of their work on their own. I fill out their lesson planner and they are off. I do help when needed though. Today, I helped Annette, in math and Josh, with math as well.

Saxon Phonics 1

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 69. He learned about the /ay/ sound. Many of the phonograms are not new to him. He learned them from Phonics Road and Spell-to-Write and Read. I drilled him some days and other days he learned from being around while I schooled the others. Phonics sounds are all over the place here.
He may know many of them but he doesn't know how to use them all yet.
Below I have everything I'll need to get started. I don't have Ethan, do all the review decks every day. Today, we used the sight word cards, suffix deck and spelling.
 With the spelling, we didn't do all of them. I did the ones that I think he needs the most practice. For instance, once a month I will do the single letters that have only one sound. He knows those by-heart. The letters that make more than one sound, diagraphs, trigraphs and combination sounds, I keep in his active pile and rotate. Again, I don't do them every, single, day. It takes too long.
Also, when he learned the /ai/ sound yesterday, I did have him say, "/ai/ that we may use at the end of English words." This is taken from Spell-to-write and Read. Because I do believe it's importand, I will continue to reinforce that.
 I did the same with the 'ay' sound. "/ay/ that we may use at the end of English words."
 For the most part I do continue to have Ethan, code words. It doesn't take long and I do want to keep Saxon Phonics as is as much as possible.
Below is a sentence we coded.
With the coding or marking of words, I don't have him code cvc words (cat, dog, sam). With cvcc (duck, mack) I have him code them most days, but he can read them without coding pretty good now.


Here is a picture of Lance, having one of his moments.

It all started because he got stuck in the tree with Ethan. Ethan, was trying to help him down but Lance, would get upset and he started hitting Ethan. I went outside and helped Lance, down. Gave him the talk about no hitting.
Lance, was already crying and such. As we were walking toward the house he tried pulling his hand from mine. This may seem small, but I don't allow my children to pull away when they are crying and having a tantrum.
I made him hold my hand. Once we got in the house, I still wouldn't let him go because he was not calm.
He was standing in front of me crying and moving around. I had him lay across my legs (tummy down) because he was not going to calm down standing.
While on my lap I told him I'm not letting him go because of his tantrum. He has to wait until I am ready to let him go. I continued telling him that he is not pleasing God, me or dad with the way he is acting, Jesus died on the cross for Lance, because he loves you and the way you are  acting is not showing Christ thankfulness (I know this sounds harsh to some but he needs to hear this and when I am talking to him I am not angry or yelling, I am rubbing his back and talking in a loving way to him because I do love my Lance very much). I also told him that I stay home with him because I want to be here to train him, guide him and correct him in the right way to go.
Anyway, after 20 minutes he was calm and I let him go.

Here he is a happy camper!

My smile is a bit off but I think that's from my braces. My teeth have shifted so much that I feel like they are sticking out at times.

8th Grade

I picked up my Well Trained Mind book and boy do I feel way behind with Josh. My goodness.
I have this like-dislike for The Well Trained Mind ;)
I do appreciate the book. I am just amazed that some can homeschool this way.

I have one more year to get Joshua ready for High School and that's a scary thought for me. I feel we are no way near ready. Maybe it's because he's my baby still (even though he will be 13 soon).

I do feel that math is improving and we are on the right track. Seeing his scores with using Math-Whizz I do see that he is moving forward.

Next I want to work on his spelling and writing (those SAT scare me).
He will continue to work through Pattern Based Writing. Then complete Writing Strand 4 as recommended by My Father's World.
It's crazy because, when I first started homeschooling I was going to use Writing Strands but have since sold it, and here I am again purchasing Writing Strands. Me-oh-my.

For spelling, I think I figured out what to do in this department. I told Joshua, that we will night school him to help him spell better. I would like to use Apples and Pears. I also mentioned that we are just going to have to get along and do this together. You see, Josh and I love each other very much but at times when we are teacher mom and student, we get on each others nerves. Josh, starts his weird breathing and I get frustrated because he isn't listening. He wants to do things is own way.

Edited 1/10/13

Ha, so much for my plans. Hee, hee....there is just way too much out there ;)

Day 107

Joshua and Annette, did a full load of school and the rest of the children did a half day. The weather is so nice and their cousins where home from school today, so they spent some time outside playing.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 67. We, I say we, because I feel a sense of accomplishment too :) are almost half way through the program.
Ethan, learned about the suffix 'ly, less, ness'.  We practiced coding a few words and sentences on the whiteboard, then he completed his worksheet.
 Below is the other side of his worksheet. It's called "homework". Some days I have him complete it later in the day, but most days I forget. Other times I'll use it as a review page on Monday.
 We use this book a bit differently then intended. I have mentioned before I'm trying to keep Saxon Phonics as is but I do tweak a little. We code many of the words instead of only memorizing them. I really don't have Ethan, use this book much. I'll write words on the board and we'll code them. I also teach some phonograms that I learned from Phonics Road/Spell to Write and Read.

I thought I would share some pictures of Joshua's school. Most are not completed. I took the pictures this morning.
Here is what Joshua is using for the week:
Elemental Greek, Bob Jones Heritage Studies, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Pattern Based Writing, Spectrum Grammar, Word Building (ACE), Spectrum Math.
 Joshua, is using Saxon Grammar, but I thought he might want to take a break from it. This week I put some Spectrum Grammar. Come to find out he prefers Saxon Grammar. Next week he'll use Saxon.
 Josh, has read this book. He is rereading it using Any Novel Study Guide.
 Below is for Day 1. As he reads his novel, he's to write words that he doesn't know the meaning. Next week, he will write a one sentence summary for each chapter. There are little boxes for him to check off as he completes his work.
 Joshua, is starting Pattern 3: Chunking Down using Pattern Based Writing.
His spelling looks like a little kids. I don't know why he's writing like that. Maybe it's the primary lines bringing back memories.
Today, I tested him and any words he missed (thankfully it was only two words) we wrote down on a piece of notebook paper for him to practice. He'll continue practicing the new words and have a test on Friday. 
 Science, is from Sonlight 5. I'm finding out that I should have purchased a textbook for Josh. He does so much better using a textbook. Sonlight Science is great but it uses many books and that is not how Joshua learns. I thought I'd try it anyway, hoping it would work out. The books are really good but again, Josh, thrives with textbooks. The books used with Sonlight are interesting and are great for further learning but not for school.
 Joshua, completes two Spectrum Math book pages, does at least 30 minutes of Math-Whizz and 20 minutes of Math Rider.  Hopefully by the fall he'll be able to use Bob Jones Math 7.
 Joshua's history. Love Bob Jones Heritage Studies.
 A sample of his Elemental Greek.

Can you figure out what this is?

Joshua, found this Mini Shredded Wheat that had extra sugar topping. He was saving it for last. Yum!

Good Morning

The children are still sleeping. They stayed up late last night playing in the yard. At 10:30 p.m. is when they came in to get ready for bed. The boys were having so much fun, I didn't want to bring them in. Annette was inside playing Polly Pockets with her cousin.

Yesterday, Annette and I took a walk to our favorite coffee place. I ordered us some drinks and a scone for me. Annette, brought her own snack. We sat and talked. She wanted to take a walk, so we did that too. It was fun hanging out with my daughter.
We try to get out together at least once a month.
Annette, is really excited about the father-daughter banquet that is coming up. The church we attend has one every year. This will be the 2nd year they attend.
Click 'here' to see a picture from last year.

I snapped this picture of Ethan, this morning.

Nice Day

We had two cook-outs today. For lunch my hubby made hamburgers and tonight we roasted hot dogs and then we made smores.
Now I need to jump in the shower because I smell like smoke.
Once the children were off taking showers and getting ready for bed, Lupe and I had a nice time visiting with each other. It was really fun.
I love being married to my Sweets.