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8th Grade

I picked up my Well Trained Mind book and boy do I feel way behind with Josh. My goodness.
I have this like-dislike for The Well Trained Mind ;)
I do appreciate the book. I am just amazed that some can homeschool this way.

I have one more year to get Joshua ready for High School and that's a scary thought for me. I feel we are no way near ready. Maybe it's because he's my baby still (even though he will be 13 soon).

I do feel that math is improving and we are on the right track. Seeing his scores with using Math-Whizz I do see that he is moving forward.

Next I want to work on his spelling and writing (those SAT scare me).
He will continue to work through Pattern Based Writing. Then complete Writing Strand 4 as recommended by My Father's World.
It's crazy because, when I first started homeschooling I was going to use Writing Strands but have since sold it, and here I am again purchasing Writing Strands. Me-oh-my.

For spelling, I think I figured out what to do in this department. I told Joshua, that we will night school him to help him spell better. I would like to use Apples and Pears. I also mentioned that we are just going to have to get along and do this together. You see, Josh and I love each other very much but at times when we are teacher mom and student, we get on each others nerves. Josh, starts his weird breathing and I get frustrated because he isn't listening. He wants to do things is own way.

Edited 1/10/13

Ha, so much for my plans. Hee, hee....there is just way too much out there ;)


  1. Thats funny that you posted the well-trained mind because I sold mine a few years back and I was just wishing the other day the I wouldn't have gotten rid of it. I don't want to buy it again since I already had it...LOL. I bought writing strands a few years back too and I brought it up from the basement the other day...I am thinking of using it too...

  2. Please do a review on Pattern Based Writing...please...;0)


    ps I have a love hate relationship with that book and all things published at peace hill press.


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