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Day 103

Today, we need to get back to our regular programmed schedule. It's so hard. Sunday and Monday I didn't get our schedules ready, so here is what we did today. I didn't get any pictures.

Josh completed:
1 hour of math using a combination of Math-Whizz+MathRider+a page from his Spectrum math book.
1 hour of writing using Pattern Based Writing.
Read his history book and outlined what he read.
Completed 2pgs of Spectrum Grammar
Practiced his Greek.
He did a few extra stuff that aren't considered school too.

Completed a Saxon Math test and passed + Math-Whizz
Completed a lesson in her Learning Language Arts Through Literature.
She went with her grandpa today, so that's about all she completed.

Caleb and Brent:
Completed 3pgs of MCP Phonics
Completed 2pgs of Spelling Workout
Completed math via DreamBox
Did a picture study and will answer the questions tomorrow. This is from Primary Language Lessons 1

Today, we reviewd compound words. He finished his Saxon Phonics workbook page. He read words like beehive and spelled compound words as well. We also went over all the review deck. Tomorrow we'll start a new lesson. He also completed his online math DreamBox.

Reviewed the last two weeks of his Catachisms and we added this weeks to his list. I also went over the two verses from weeks 1 & 2. He started week 3's verse. Completed 1 pgs of Spelling Workout. I read from My ABC Bible Verses, Big Truths for Little Kids and Fables.

I was outside a lot today as well. I'm trying to keep a better eye on Lance. I think I let him out on his own too much. Lately, he's been crying over everything. If I watch him more I can catch those moments and correct him. This is why I am really thankful to have found some good math programs online, because it's freeing me up a bit to pay more attention to Lance. He needs more of me, to help him make good choices and stay out of trouble.

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