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Day 104

Day 104.
What we completed.

I started my day with teaching Lance.
We started with a math lesson. He completed Saxon Math lesson 14. I'm using Saxon Math a little differently then intended. I am skimming the teacher manual, sitting with Lance and his worksheet and adding in my own Homeschooling6 twist. Not only are we counting 1, 2, 3.......14, but we are going over the numbers the Chinese way as well. When we get to the teens we say, "one-ten 1, one-ten 2, one-ten 3" We are adding in our 'gems' and such too. Doing it the Homeschooling6 way, doesn't take as long and I have time to add what I want into the lesson. I can also cut the lesson short on a busy day.
My main goal with Lance, is basically to learn to count to 100. Understand Place Value and simble addition and subtraction.
 I then went over his Catachisims with him.
 Practiced his verse.
 Read a fable. Two Ducks and a Fox.
 This is from yesterday.
 He brougth me some 'flowers'. What a sweet boy.
I am trying to keep my eye on this little guy, to train him up in the way he should go, so I spent more time outside today. I took some work and sat on the porch. I guess I'm doing a little 'tomato staking' but not where he is attached to my hip. Later (when I was in the house) he jumped off the shed, landed on a make-shift roof (on the of those little type plastic jungle gym things) the roof collapsed and he fell. Brent, brought him in. Thankfully he's only bruised on his leg. I was impressed that he didn't come to me crying. When I mean crying I'm talking about an exaggerated cry. I don't mind a real one, it's those fake ones that I don't allow. This is what I have been working on with Lance. Teaching him that he doesn't have to be a drama king every time something happens or doesn't go his way.

Caleb, um, completing a Bob Jones Math lesson.

Caleb, also completed some pages in his MCP Phonics and Spelling Workout book. I'm so tempted to start Shurley English with him and Brent. At the same time I want to save it for the fall, to start fresh with lesson one using Easy Classical.
Brent, Annette and Ethan, went with their Grandpa, so they to make-up their work tomorrow. Ethan, won't do a Saxon Phonics lesson today. Normally if he missed a lesson during the day I would have him do it in the evening but tonights AWANA. Tomorrow for sure.We've been letting this slide and if we do that too long, he'll start forgeting things. Don't want that to happen. I also want to have him finish this before our next school year.

Joshua, completed Math-Whizz+a few pages from his Spectrum math book. He still needs to play MathRider. He also completed a Pattern Based Writing lesson and another outline from his Bob Jones History book.

Physical Education.

 (Please excuse our messy backyard. We can't seem to get any grass to grow and Lupe, still needs to put some siding on the walls)
 Josh and Lance, Sword-stick fighting.

All the children have completed their online math via Math-Whizz or DreamBox Math.
Enjoying my coffee as I type.

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