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Day 107

Joshua and Annette, did a full load of school and the rest of the children did a half day. The weather is so nice and their cousins where home from school today, so they spent some time outside playing.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 67. We, I say we, because I feel a sense of accomplishment too :) are almost half way through the program.
Ethan, learned about the suffix 'ly, less, ness'.  We practiced coding a few words and sentences on the whiteboard, then he completed his worksheet.
 Below is the other side of his worksheet. It's called "homework". Some days I have him complete it later in the day, but most days I forget. Other times I'll use it as a review page on Monday.
 We use this book a bit differently then intended. I have mentioned before I'm trying to keep Saxon Phonics as is but I do tweak a little. We code many of the words instead of only memorizing them. I really don't have Ethan, use this book much. I'll write words on the board and we'll code them. I also teach some phonograms that I learned from Phonics Road/Spell to Write and Read.

I thought I would share some pictures of Joshua's school. Most are not completed. I took the pictures this morning.
Here is what Joshua is using for the week:
Elemental Greek, Bob Jones Heritage Studies, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Pattern Based Writing, Spectrum Grammar, Word Building (ACE), Spectrum Math.
 Joshua, is using Saxon Grammar, but I thought he might want to take a break from it. This week I put some Spectrum Grammar. Come to find out he prefers Saxon Grammar. Next week he'll use Saxon.
 Josh, has read this book. He is rereading it using Any Novel Study Guide.
 Below is for Day 1. As he reads his novel, he's to write words that he doesn't know the meaning. Next week, he will write a one sentence summary for each chapter. There are little boxes for him to check off as he completes his work.
 Joshua, is starting Pattern 3: Chunking Down using Pattern Based Writing.
His spelling looks like a little kids. I don't know why he's writing like that. Maybe it's the primary lines bringing back memories.
Today, I tested him and any words he missed (thankfully it was only two words) we wrote down on a piece of notebook paper for him to practice. He'll continue practicing the new words and have a test on Friday. 
 Science, is from Sonlight 5. I'm finding out that I should have purchased a textbook for Josh. He does so much better using a textbook. Sonlight Science is great but it uses many books and that is not how Joshua learns. I thought I'd try it anyway, hoping it would work out. The books are really good but again, Josh, thrives with textbooks. The books used with Sonlight are interesting and are great for further learning but not for school.
 Joshua, completes two Spectrum Math book pages, does at least 30 minutes of Math-Whizz and 20 minutes of Math Rider.  Hopefully by the fall he'll be able to use Bob Jones Math 7.
 Joshua's history. Love Bob Jones Heritage Studies.
 A sample of his Elemental Greek.

Can you figure out what this is?

Joshua, found this Mini Shredded Wheat that had extra sugar topping. He was saving it for last. Yum!

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