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Day 109

Homeschool Day 109.

Caleb, completing some school work.
 His penmanship form today.
 Yesterday's penmanship. I told him that some of him m's need to slant to the right but otherwise, good job!
 Bob Jones Math lesson (I haven't corrected it yet)
 Copywork from Primary Language Lessons.
He needs to correct a few things in the passage still. I don't know why he started with using a pencil but finished with a pen. Will have to have him redo it. Poor guy!

Here is a picture of Caleb and me. My friend Casey is challenging her readers to be in more pictures with our children. It's a good challenge, don't you think? I know I haven't been in many pictures lately because I feel fat, ugly and have big chipmunk cheeks with my added weight. Hard to believe I was once a skinny, young thing at one time. Hee, hee.
When I first married my Sweets I was 5'6 and between 115-120lbs. Now fourteen years and six babies later, well, let's just say, I'm no where near 120lbs. I'll have to find a before my little hearts where born picture.
Couldn't find a digital one of me but here I am pregnant with my 4th child, Brent in 2001.
You can tell from my face that I was much more thinner.

Okay, enough about me, back to homeschooling.
Annette, completing a Megawords page.
Annette and Josh, both do most of their work on their own. I fill out their lesson planner and they are off. I do help when needed though. Today, I helped Annette, in math and Josh, with math as well.


  1. Linda, you are beautiful inside and out! You are beautiful right now! And your children will call you blessed, but I think they think of you way now. I will try to get a few of myself with my kids this weekend and see if I can join you in that challenge. I don't put up many pics of myself for the same reasons, but I take a lot, I just don't post them...hehe...

    Looks like the kids are diligently working!

  2. Lou, you crack me UP!!

    I agree with Dee!!

    But, I get like that too sometimes. *sigh*

    Hey, I liked the Primary Language Lesson! I think it is neat that he is doing cursive. Donnie is just getting printing down. I will have to post a before and after. As long as I can see an improvement right?

    Tell Caleb, Great Job!!


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