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Day 97/Week 19

I feel a bit weird. For the past week I have been feeling like I'm dehydrated. I don't see how I can be because I've been drinking more water. I am having two cups of coffee a day, which is normal for me. My tummy hurts but nothing major. The hurt is very mild, kind of like in the background. I can feel it once in a while. I am a bit weak, so I don't know what's going on.

I'm loving the cold weather. It's still very icey around here. Lupe, did go to work today. There is suppose to be some light snow tonight, so we'll see if he goes tomorrow. If it's not slick and icey out, he should be able to go.

Today is out 97th day of school. Wowziers. How exciting. This week as been light but the kiddos have gotten some work done. The public schools are closed because of the weather but not Homeschooling6!

Ethan completed Saxon Phonics lesson 63 today. Our lesson was on the 'er' sound. Today, was one of those lessons where I feel he is zoning out on me. We didn't do any review today, so we'll do that tomorrow.

The children have been getting their math in via the computer this week. I figure with the freezing temperatures, dad being home and all.............and mom reading a book. I couldn't take my nose out of my books. My mother-in-law gave me some books a while back and I haven't had time to read them, so I took advantage these past two days.

Annette, has been spending a good hour playing her online math, Math-Whizz. She has been trying to save points/money to purchase a Hamster. They cost 900 points. I think she can earn about 30 with test and it varies with the lessons. She enjoys using the computer for school.

Josh, has been working away. With math, he says he's finally understanding things he didn't before. He is still using the Spectrum math books. I think all the repetition is helping him.

Lance, likes doing school. He is learning his memory verse and Catechism questions. Yesterday for his memory verse; A soft answer turns away wrath. he was to draw a picture.
Today I asked him, "What does wrath mean?" Lance said, "Mad."
Next week we should be able to start Easy Classical Week 2.

Caleb and Brent, are doing math using DreamBox this week. Yesterday, I did go over a Bob Jones Math lesson with Caleb. They have done a few pages of Spelling Workout and MCP Phonics.


  1. Sometimes it's nice to curl up and read something just for yourself that has nothing to do with school. I believe it's also good for your kids to see you doing that too, shows them that reading is fun:)

  2. The cold makes me want to curl up and read too. I agree that it is good for your kids to see you reading.

  3. Math wizz looks like something my kiddos would be interested in. I've been reading some of the Elm Creek Quilter Books lately. Sometimes a mom has to focus just on herself. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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