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Easy Classical K

This week Lance, will finish his first week of Easy Classical K. He has completed:
  1. Big Truths for Little Kids- Lesson 1 (I have read the story twice) Catechism Questions (he's memorizing them).
  2. Proverbs 15:1 he is working on.
  3. Phonics (we are using something different but I do write the lesson we completed on the line provided)
  4. Spelling Workout- so far he completed 1pg.
  5. 20th Century Children's Book- I read all the stories scheduled.
  6. Treasury of Childrens Literature- read all the stories sheduled
I'm still waiting for My ABC Bible Verses book. We'll catch up with this once we get the book.
I'm also waiting for Teach Art for Children.

 And Homeschool Family Fitness (mine has a different cover. A friend is sending me her copy)

We still need to complete:
  1. Finish memorizing Proverbs and the Catechism questions
  2. 4 more pages of Spelling Workout
  3. Getty Dubay penmanship
  4. Beginning Geography page 1
Things I've changed:
I don't think I will use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lesson or Basic Phonics Skills B.
Instead I'm using Reading Made Easy (I was able to trade a R&S English book for RME. Always wanted to see it)

and MCP Plaid Phonics Book A

With Spelling Workout, I'm not sure how much we will complete this year. The first few week start wih him making letters. Then the spelling words come in, so I'll see how that goes. Same with MCP Plaid Phonics.

Today Lance, completed his 5th reading lesson with Reading Made Easy. He acts so goofy though.
I hope to continue with McRuffy Phonics K but I like that Reading Made Easy, is so much easier to get done. We can sit on the couch and snuggle. No cutting or pasting (which I do like but it's hard to get to everyday.).
Also with McRuffy Phonics, Lance, keeps hitting a wall . Hopefully we can continue with McRuffy Phonics too.
Lance, wearing his dad's white shirt, tucked into is pajama pants.
{Not sure why but every-so-often Blogger doesn't post my picture right)

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  1. So cute, love the picture of him in his p.j.'s! It sounds like your kindergarten year is starting off very well. I love the looks of all the books. Don't worry about what you finish or don't finish. Just transfer everything undone to the next year with confidence. I think he's going to do very well with all of your choices.

    You are making me want to take another look at MCP spelling and phonics. :)


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