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Ethan School 2nd Grade

Completed Saxon Phonics Lesson 64. Learned the long /I/ sound for 'igh'
When we are coding words on the board, Ethan, will often tell me to put a macron on the board using sign language. I had to snap a picture of Ethan, making the macron with a pencil above his head.
 This is the stack of the review decks we go over. Many of them he knows by-heart, so I decided to remove some.
 Now we don't have so many. I removed a lot of the single letter sounds, sight words he can say easily and letter names.
I kept many of the digraphs and combinations. Once a month I'll have him go over the the other set to make sure he doesn't forget.
 Working on his worksheet.

 He spelled all the words correctly. First I say the word, then finger spell each sound. When I finger spell the 'igh' sound, I will hold up three fingers together (Saxon Phonics instructs to hold 1 finger but I prefer to do it the Spell-to-Write and Read way)

Ethan, also, used DreamBox Math today.

For Bible, he's doing the same as Lance.


  1. Wow! You have shared so much and are such an inspiration in the homeschooling mom department! You get so much done and you can see the joy in your children's faces.

    Thank you for sharing your heart in the comment the other day. I know I'm not alone in the journey out of new babies and your loving words were soothing to the ache.

  2. Linda, he is doing so well, and so are you in teaching him. This program reminds me of the way phonics were taught long ago, before it was removed from the school system.

    I hope you are feeling better!

    Dee :)


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