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Friday Pics

I'll have to come back tomorrow and label these pictures. The children are watching Star Wars and would like me to join them.
Lance, made some Dallas Cowboys stuff.
He made a football.
The bottom picture that looks like a crooked hat is a t-shirt. The one on top is a helmet.
Here is the Dallas Cowboy 's star.
Annette, gave this cupcae to Lupe and I. She got it from her sewing class.
Brent and Annette, in a 'covered' wagon. Hmmm......wonder where they are going.
My nephew, Lance and Ethan, playing a game from FunBrain website.
Vew from the other side.
I was trying to sneak up on Josh but he heard the camera.
He was kind enough to go back to sleep.

Annette, playing Math-Whizz.

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  1. Love the pics! Let me not let Josh see me reading or writing anything about Star Wars. He'll make me go through the movies for the umpteenth time! LOL! I have become quite a kewl mom since I went through the series with him, though. ;)

    They like my impersonation of Yoda. Me thinks I have to get to cleaning, I do. ;P


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