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Happy Birthday Ethan

Happy 8th Birthday Ethan.

I'm afraid I was too tired to make Ethan's cake this year, so Lupe, purchased one.
 I really don't know why my pictures come out this way at times. It's frustrating.
 Ethan, gets a bit shy at times.
Ethan, said he was really happy. Especially since he saw the wrapped presents in my room earlier.
 My dad having fun with Ethan's gift that Lupe, bought for him.

 It may be cold, but that doesn't stop us from having a Hotdog cook-out.
 I don't know what is up with the sunglasses. Reminds me of Micheal Jackson. The picture didn't come out too good because of the fire.
 Lupe's a good dad. I love how he takes the time to make memories with his children. Like a campfire in the snow.
Later, we had smores. We all really enjoyed the quiet evening around a warm fire. At 9:00 p.m. we all headed inside. The children are hooked on a show called Goldrush. I finished reading my book about an Amish family.

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  1. Aw, I missed this post! Happy Birthday Ethan! It looks like you had such an awesome and special day!


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