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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was a fun day for the kids and I. We baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies and Cupcakes. We then put them on pretty Valentine plates and gave them to my dad, Auntie and Uncle, my brother Joe and his friend.

I didn't sleep well the night before because I had two little critters in my bed, who hogged all the blankets, with all the fun baking, I didn't realize how tired I was. I told the children I was going to rest for a while and not to go in the front yard. I ended up sleeping for two hours. Of course, I was waken here-and-there with questions but I kept falling back to sleep. I finally woke at 6:00 p.m. just in time to get ready for my date with my hubby. We went on a double date with my sis-in-law and her hubby to Tinstar. Lupe, and I went to see a show and came back home. My dad watched the kiddos for us. We rented Star Wars 2 for them.

The night before, Lupe and I went to Target to get some things for our Valentines Day homeschool party.
 I thought it was sweet of Lupe, to buy the children some sprinkles. I was just going to use what we had.
We made lots of Brownies.
 M&M Cookies......
 and cupcakes.
 Josh, made me a special cupcake.
 We made some plates to give away.

Lance, was getting into too much trouble, so I called Lupe, and he told Lance, to clean the muddy shoes.

 His cousin must have felt sorry for him, so she offered to help him. They looked so cute. I looked out our front window and could hear them having a conversation. Too sweet!
Lupe, brought these home, for Lance, to give to me because he gave me a hard time on Valentine's Day.

Lupe, also picked up some $6.00 pizzas for the children.
Josh, was soaking in the tub at the time. The plate next to Brent's is his.


  1. Heartfelt yummies! I hope that your Valentine's Day was a lot of fun and I'm sure that it was filled with LOTS of LOVE!

  2. Hi, Tamara, thank you for all your kind comments.

  3. Looks like an awesome Valentine's Day! Love the pics! That Lance...he's the baby...they always get into more trouble for some reason...LOL! :)


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