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I Need Elephant Skin

As a mom who is in charge of my kiddos schooling, I struggle with having them do work over. I admit I let things slide. I'll say to myself, "Next time." Pretty soon the year is over and I feel like I let my children get away with too much.

For example with Annette, not completing her history lesson. I have in the past just continued on, thinking to myself that, it's the last time I  let her not finish a history lesson.

With Josh, not completing a writing assignment exactly like he was suppose too. I'll say to myself, "Next time, I'll have him do it over." Next time comes and goes and I let them slide again.

Today, though, I put on my elephant skin. Josh, didn't complete his writing assignment correctly. He did it, just not the way he was suppose to. I had him redo it, and now he is going to redo it again because he still didn't do the assignment the way the lesson was suppose to be completed. Again, he did it and it was passable but it wasn't done they way it was suppose to be.

Now, to go check Annette's schoolwork....................

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