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Lance School

The rest of the books to complete Easy Classical K have been stranded in Dallas for three days.
 I wasn't going to purchase Teach Art to Children, but after looking at Easy Classical K schedule and the samples at Amazon, it looked like something I can fit in. It may help with Lance's motor skills too.

Maybe I'll see them on Monday.

Can't believe I took a three hour nap today. Lupe, went to Home Depot, storage and fixed some broken pipes while I was sleeping. The children were very good and let me rest.
For supper we had fish-sticks, white rice made with chicken broth and some rolls. I didn't have anything to make a salad. I need to add more veggies to our diet.

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  1. Happy Birthday To your Ethan!!!!
    How are you? I love all the pics. I was wondering what your opinion was on MFW stuff. Wow do the kiddos grow up so fast. I look back at mine and when I started blogging and they have grow so fast....kinda sad :(.
    (miss talking to you)


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