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Lance School

I don't know what I'm fighting but I'm still kind of weak. Maybe I need more fruits and veggies in my system. Right now I'm a bit shaky but I wanted to write a little.

Starting Week 2 of Easy Classical K.
Lance, colored the Earth. This was actually suppose to be done last week. Better late then never!

 Our read aloud.
 Bible, I read from Big Truths for Little Kids.
 Went over last weeks Catechisms and started week 2 as well. We also practiced his memory verse.
 What we still need to do for today.
Complete his Phonics lesson.
 Complete Spelling Workout.
Complete a math lesson (no photo)

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  1. Linda, it sounds like you may have a virus. If you continue to feel weak, I would get a check-up just to make sure that your sugar is not fluctuating. Praying for you right now!


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