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Lance School

A day in the life of Lance School, using Easy Classical K. Completing Week 2.
We started with MCP Plaid Phonics A. I am only having him do the first side of the sheet for Phonemic Awareness. He is really improving in this area. Just a few weeks ago he couldn't figure out if the word 'sun' had the 's' sound.
A close-up of his work. He had to circle the pictures that started with the /s/ sound. He wanted to cross out the pictures that didn't. He called them 'wrong'

Lance, was impressed with his tracing (circle) around the Beetle, and wanted me to take a really close-up of it.
 Lance, is on lesson 7 of Reading Made Easy. He is still having trouble with remembering some of the sounds, so we are parking him at lesson 7 for a few more days. He was able to blend 'ag', 'am', 'an'
Working on Penmanship.
Looks, like we need to practice the N's a bit more.
A page from Reading Made Easy Activity Book.
 I am really glad that I went ahead and purchased these two book. At first I wasn't because we do have lots of Bible Readers and such. I thought I'd substitute. But these little books are great. I am having Ethan, listen and memorize them as well. Actually all the kiddos enjoy listening to the stories!

 Lance, drew a picture of a peacemaker.
He also spent half an hour on the computer doing DreamBox math. I need to get back with his regular math program but at least he's doing something with numbers.

Lance, is memorizing, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" and last weeks was "A soft answer turns away wrath"
I guess he needs more practice, because today, he knocked over Annette's Lego house she made. Not sure why he got upset but he did.

Lance, isn't the only one. I had a moment today too.

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  1. I love how concentrated he looks doing his work. It seems that these programs that you have picked are really working for them. Isn't it awesome that as homeschooling moms we can pick curriculum tailor made for our children. They wouln't get that in public school. We are truly blessed!

    Don't worry,Linda, we all have those moments. I was a bit grumpy yesterday and didn't even know why...hormones, I guess...;)


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