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Loving My Hubby

My hubby is so good to me. I think this is why the children are so kind to me. If I'm lying on the couch, they'll come cover me. If I'm not feeling well, they'll make me a little sick bed and bring me water and food. When I cook a meal they will say "thank you" and "it was good, mom" even if it's Oatmeal for dinner.

Last month my hubby and I went on a dinner date to Arby's. We had a coupon for two combos for the price of one. It was really nice to sit and talk to my Sweets. It doesn't have to be a nice fancy place, I'm happy as long as we are together.
He's a great dad! 
 Brent, Lance, and Ethan.

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  1. Linda, this was so sweet! You are so blessed! And they are blessed to have you, too! :)


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