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I decided to sign Josh, up to start using Math-Whizz. I'm shocked that he would even consider using something online. Math-Whizz is $20.00 a month which really adds up, but today I found Math-Whizz at homeschoolbuyerCo-op for less. Well, more upfront but less in the long run. I'm going to purchase it through homeschool buyer. I called Math-Whizz cutomer service and they said, I can transfer the account, so my kiddos don't have to start over again. Yay!
I'm happy that they can now use Math-Whizz for a year. At first I was going to have to cancel their subscription in a few months.

I'm also excited to report that Josh, is not as behind as I thought he was in math. At least not according to Math-Whizz. He took the assessment and is at a ,math age, of 10.59. Where he should be at is 12.73.This means that Josh is not four years 'behind' like I thought.

When a child signs up for Math-Whizz they take an assessment to find where to start the child. What I like about this, is they don't slap a grade level. They simply find the child's "Math" age.

I feel really confident that with using Math-Whizz and continuing with his Spectrum Math books, we'll get him up to speed. My 'up-to-speed' for now is get him at least to a high 6th grade level. Would love for him to be able to use Bob Jones Pre-Algebra next fall for his 8th grade year.


  1. hmmmm....I will have to check out the Math-whizz site. Have you been using the other one you told me about for the math facts? I think I am going to use that one for sure...

  2. Hi, Amity,yes, they continue to MathRider for math facts.


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