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My Happy Family

I love these pictures of my family. They all look so happy. Thank you Jesus for the snow.

Look at the smiles I captured on film.

 My dad, even joined in the fun. Later, he said, it was one of the happiest days he's had in a long time.

 Throwing snowballs at Uncle Joe and Henry.
 Josh, is looking older. My baby is growing way too fast. This May he'll be 13!

These were taken earlier in the day.
My Annette.
 Are van looks cold.
 Brent, Annette and Josh.
 We took several pictures but because it was so bright outside, I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough for a good picture

My Sweets, staying warm with Ethan.

 Lance too.

Snowball fights.
Everyone was slipping and a sliding, falling and laughing. It was great watching them. (I was safe taking pics)

Josh and dad.

For the first time my Sweets, was defeated.

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