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One Hundred Days of Home School

I thought I should post a few pictures of one of the older kiddos doing school. It seems like Lance and Ethan get all the glory ;)
Caleb, completing a Bob Jones Math lesson. 

 Here is a completed scripture passage. I think there is room for improvement, but he's doing okay.
Caleb, also completed two pages of MCP Phonics C and a page of Spelling Workout. I also quizzed him on some of his spelling words orally.

Today, with Lance I did math!
He counted to 13. He had a hard time writing the numbers though.
I also read from, A Treasury of Children's Literature.
When I read to Lance, it usually means most of the other children are listening in as well.

 I also read The Lorax and we went over his memory verse and Chatacisms.
We didn't get to his phonics lesson today.

Since dad was home on this snowy, cold day, we didn't do our usual school lessons. I sat with Ethan, and we did a "Homework" page and called it a review day.

 And we played a few Saxon Phonics games. Ethan and I picked a card, we had to read and act it out.
Ethan, likes wearing his dad's t-shirts.
He also did math via DreamBox Math

Josh and Annette, did some schooling but didn't complete everything. They are still finishing up last weeks work. Last week, we had three 'Snow' days which means they had half days. Can't let all that snow go to waste.

Lupe, working on the taxes.
 Mom acting silly!
 Kids, having fun indoors with the hoola-hoop.
Here is a picture of the steak that my wonderful, sweet, hubby cooked up for us in 19 degree weather.

We like it some-what pink.

And that's all folks!

Oh, this was our 100th day of school!!! We will celebrate soon.

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