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Yesterday, the kids and I cleaned up the backyard. It's amazing how raking all those leaves can make a huge difference. Just that alone made the yard look so much nicer.
The weather was so beautiful yesterday too. Not too hot or cold, it was just right.

After the kiddos naps I took them to the park, they brought their rifles and had a good time.
The only problem with our community park, is it's geared towards younger children. The children don't play as much and soon they are ready to go home. The park has only one swing for older kids and three for babies to sit in.
The park in the neighborhood where we use to live was really nice because they catered both to the little toddler children and the older ones. They use to play spaceship,  it had a nice big jungle gym.

Edited to add, I wrote this post too fast.  I keep finding errors. After editing errors over three times I'm done. There may still be another misspelled word or a weird sentence.

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