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Saxon Phonics 1

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 69. He learned about the /ay/ sound. Many of the phonograms are not new to him. He learned them from Phonics Road and Spell-to-Write and Read. I drilled him some days and other days he learned from being around while I schooled the others. Phonics sounds are all over the place here.
He may know many of them but he doesn't know how to use them all yet.
Below I have everything I'll need to get started. I don't have Ethan, do all the review decks every day. Today, we used the sight word cards, suffix deck and spelling.
 With the spelling, we didn't do all of them. I did the ones that I think he needs the most practice. For instance, once a month I will do the single letters that have only one sound. He knows those by-heart. The letters that make more than one sound, diagraphs, trigraphs and combination sounds, I keep in his active pile and rotate. Again, I don't do them every, single, day. It takes too long.
Also, when he learned the /ai/ sound yesterday, I did have him say, "/ai/ that we may use at the end of English words." This is taken from Spell-to-write and Read. Because I do believe it's importand, I will continue to reinforce that.
 I did the same with the 'ay' sound. "/ay/ that we may use at the end of English words."
 For the most part I do continue to have Ethan, code words. It doesn't take long and I do want to keep Saxon Phonics as is as much as possible.
Below is a sentence we coded.
With the coding or marking of words, I don't have him code cvc words (cat, dog, sam). With cvcc (duck, mack) I have him code them most days, but he can read them without coding pretty good now.

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