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Here is a picture of Lance, having one of his moments.

It all started because he got stuck in the tree with Ethan. Ethan, was trying to help him down but Lance, would get upset and he started hitting Ethan. I went outside and helped Lance, down. Gave him the talk about no hitting.
Lance, was already crying and such. As we were walking toward the house he tried pulling his hand from mine. This may seem small, but I don't allow my children to pull away when they are crying and having a tantrum.
I made him hold my hand. Once we got in the house, I still wouldn't let him go because he was not calm.
He was standing in front of me crying and moving around. I had him lay across my legs (tummy down) because he was not going to calm down standing.
While on my lap I told him I'm not letting him go because of his tantrum. He has to wait until I am ready to let him go. I continued telling him that he is not pleasing God, me or dad with the way he is acting, Jesus died on the cross for Lance, because he loves you and the way you are  acting is not showing Christ thankfulness (I know this sounds harsh to some but he needs to hear this and when I am talking to him I am not angry or yelling, I am rubbing his back and talking in a loving way to him because I do love my Lance very much). I also told him that I stay home with him because I want to be here to train him, guide him and correct him in the right way to go.
Anyway, after 20 minutes he was calm and I let him go.

Here he is a happy camper!

My smile is a bit off but I think that's from my braces. My teeth have shifted so much that I feel like they are sticking out at times.

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